July FTX will commence at 1000 hours on the 30th at Training Area North.  Come up early friday night if you can.  Subjects to be covered are IFAKs/Med Kits,  how to pack for a three-day security patrol, and recon techniques.  This will be our first shooting exercise in a while.  We will have a few NRA Certified instructors on hand and will be practicing the timed FBI  qualification shoot.  Review video at the middle of the training video list.  So bring your pistol bag, and bring a friend and their pistol bag, and we’ll see how this goes.  And yes, there will be a range safety briefing beforehand, thanks for asking.


For those of you using Signal for secure texting and phone calls, there is a story at The Intercept covering a few extra steps you should consider, just to ensure your OPSEC is as complete as you know it should be.


Although Signal is well-designed, there are extra steps you must take if you want to maximize the security for your most sensitive conversations — the ones that could be misinterpreted by an employer, client, or airport security screener; might be of interest to a snooping government, whether at home or abroad; or could allow a thief or hacker to blackmail you or steal your identity.



In the July 8th edition of the Appalachian Messenger, there is a story that was a guest post by John Meyers, also found at ZeroGov, about planning your training for less of the extreme SHTF scenarios and on more of the common everyday scenarios that you will be regularly experiencing when you’re not out fighting that Zombie Horde.



What this community needs is an accurate threat analysis.  Threats need to be defined and essentially listed out from the most likely to the least likely to occur. One is more likely to encounter a crime on the street, before ISIS shows up in your bedroom. You are going to encounter a home invasion or an active shooter before an insurgency against the United States or Mad Max II.



Our buddy Max also has a few words on how his training curricula fits in to this way of thinking.



So I think with some individuals out there, the training progression is misunderstood. I don’t expect the Chinese to be parachuting in over my house tonight. But I want to prepare you for threats with a holistic approach to training. Because the flip side of this is that if you don’t consider it possible that there is a chance of a collapse in some form, that may result in anything from Balkanization, Rhodesia, or a total zombie apocalypse, then you are living in a sad state of normalcy bias. The list of potential threats is a continuum, from what may happen exiting the movie theater tonight, to when that cyber attack turns the lights off. If you are armed with a handgun or rifle, and find yourself in an active shooter terrorist situation, which appear to be becoming more common, why would you not think that the lessons from CTT on cover and concealment, fire and movement, individual movement techniques, awareness, scanning etc are not relevant to you and your family having a chance of surviving?



These two stories should set you on the right path to think about another story by Justin King over at ZeroHedge on the 5 stages of an insurgency, and who says now, after the police shootings in Dallas, we are in stage four.  According to that story, every revolution that has progressed to stage 4 has gone on to stage 5, which is widespread rebellion and insurrection.




The timing of all these events just happen to be leading up to the political party conventions next week in Cleveland and Philadelphia.  For the background preparations for the Cleveland convention, there is a good ORGCHART from our buddies at NORTHCOM available at Public IntelligenceThis is planning on a scale that makes FEMA proud.






Also, over at NC Renegade’s site, you’ll find this video from SouthernPrepper1.  Not so much a discussion of the FBI’s recommendation not to press charges for security breaches over her email scandal, but more to the point about the implications on the loss of governmental accountability and the further slide into WROL conditions.







Speaking of prepping, we just missed the  Survival Expo in Raleigh this past weekend.    This is part of a country-wide series of expos so you have a chance to catch the next one at Columbia at the end of this month.

Raleigh, North Carolina

Columbia, South Carolina



And one last thing.  Something on the humorous and maybe a little ridiculous side is this article from Radio Master Reports.  Ignore the frequency charts, but maybe after looking at twenty pictures of all those militia types, you can tell me what they’re all doing wrong.



Yeah.  Don’t be “that guy“!