May 2019 Notes

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January FTX will commence on the 25th at 0900L at Training Area North and end at 1600 on the 26th.  Topics for discussion include Tracking and Anti-Tracking Techniques.  This time of the year, with all this fresh tender greenery, this will be a good event.




Current items to consider –




It’s wildly inaccurate to describe the invasion at the southern Texas-Arizona border as a crisis.  Like the difference between, “It’s starting to rain outside!”, and “The levee just broke!”.







As with any organization with limited resources, what goes in, must come out.  They just don’t like to politely say it in so few words, but leave it for you to infer.  “Exactly where do 8000 illegal immigrants disappear to each week, and who helps them get there?” you might ask.






And of course, the answer is, “You do.”



The list of nine NGO helper organizations involved in getting them here in the first place and then spending your money quietly shuffling them around can be found here.  Making contact with them is left to you, now that you know.




The “official count”, according to the CBP report, is 460,294, between October 2018 and April 2019.  That’s about the population of Guilford County.




Secondly, it was a terrible experience watching the thousand year old  Notre Dame Cathedral burn.  Nearly as terrible as watching those planes fly into the sides of the Twin Towers all those years ago.  There remains some controversy about how thousand year old oak beams won’t catch fire, no matter how many smoldering cigarette butts you place on them.  And a little more controversy over rebuilding the Cathedral with the modern touches of a glass roof and a minaret.  And there was just a brief mention how it is a matter of government enforced policy to employ a workforce comprised of 50% Muslims on these public projects.  Reduced the possibility of smoldering cigarette butts by half.  But still, the “smoldering cigarette butt” theory will be shrugged off into the oblivion of history, unlike the other plausible explanation.




But, that’s none of our business, right?



Lastly, just a gentle reminder concerning the Fourth Amendment  in the Bill of Rights.




 From the U.S. Federal Courts  themselves on the subject.



The Constitution, through the Fourth Amendment, protects people from unreasonable searches and seizures by the government. The Fourth Amendment, however, is not a guarantee against all searches and seizures, but only those that are deemed unreasonable under the law.



That is in reference to your dealings with the government.  It is yet an unsettled matter of your dealings with “those that shall not be named” that suck your data electronically every minute of every day.  One of those major players is commonly referred to as, “Not Your Friend”.  So here is  just a few ice cubes from that iceberg, and keep in mind, they are very proud of what they do.  They know you better than you know yourself, so why not let them “help” you more?


Here are the 8 Google Data Centers by location –



Berkeley County, South Carolina

Council Bluffs, Iowa

Douglas County, Georgia

Jackson County, Alabama

Lenoir, North Carolina

Mayes County, Oklahoma

Montgomery County, Tennessee

The Dalles, Oregon.



There is even a short video on YouTube(owned by Google) of the South Carolina Data Center.




The Lenoir Data Center looks to have the same cooling tower arrangement as that one in Berkeley County, South Carolina.




So take note – there might be a reason the NSA Utah Data Center is considering scaling back operations since they can get even better data, already distilled, refined and collated, all with the help of you, than they are presently getting on their own.

Google is now in your smart phone.

Google  is now in your house.

Google is now in your home security system.

Google is now in your iPhone.  Google paid Apple $12B  this year for your data.

Google is now in your browser.

Google is now in Windows 10.

Google in now in your car.

Google is now on those people that surround you. Where ever you go.



And they are but just one of the many in the same business, where you are the product.


And just like most products, you have a shelf life.  The product life-cycle always has on end-of-life point.  Some products will be dropped in favor of keeping the better products.  It’s nothing personal, it’s just business.  And business is good.












April 2019 Notes

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April FTX will commence at 0900L on the 27th and run thru 1600L on the 28th at Training Area South.  Still need to finish the water filtration system, so bring your own water again. Items for discussion are water purification and the American Red Cross training course.


Hurricane season starts 1JUN this year.  The Colorado State University Tropical Meteorology Project  predicts 13 named storms with only 5 making landfall and two of those will be Category 3 or greater.  As always, the Hurricane Watch Net and NOAA’s National Hurricane Center will provide information to help you with your planning for those events when they happen.



The Medic Solo Disaster and Wilderness Medical School will hold a class  27-28APR over in RTP.  It’s a two-day class that covers  a lot of medical emergency materials for  $195 and caries a two-year certification.  Details on their site here.



The current on-going glut of ammo and weapons referred to as the “Trump Slump” is demonstrated by the availability at Palmetto State Armory of a $280 kit of everything but a stripped lower,  which they also sell for just $40.  Now, if only someone would come up with an AR platform that will run .243………




Information you need to know —

Gang Activity is increasing here in the central part of the state.  Take a look at the Global Incident Map for gang activity here.



Overlay that with this map showing the sanctuary cities.



Then  look up the Unauthorized Immigrant Population Profiles, keeping in mind that even in 2016, these numbers were under reported by a factor of four.



And reference this 2011 Mexican Gang Activity Map from Homeland Security.





And don’t forget to visit the Arizona Border Recon website and take a look at the intel they gather.  Make another donation if you can.  They are still taking volunteers.


And just a little reminder on current events —









March 2019 Notes

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March FTX will commence 0900L on the 23rd and run till 1600L on the 24th at a location TBD.  Training Area South is still a work in progress.  Thanks to all who volunteered with the work.



Some points to consider this month –


If you’re in the market for a new, non-mil looking backpack, Hill People Gear makes the $200, 25 litre Conner.  A large main compartment with several small storage pouches on the sides, and straps on the bottom.  Suitable for just a few days out in the woods.  Might also consider the $280 48 litre Aston House.  Pretty much the same bag, just bigger.










Something worth reading, Responding to Cognitive Security Challenges, from NATO STRATCOM, starts off with how they conducted an experiment to see how military personnel can have their views changed using social media and the internet.  Detailed and interesting in itself, yet they go on to explain how the Russians used the same techniques and methods to change the results of the 2016 elections.  And that’s where it get’s more amusing than informative.





Something maybe more useful and entertaining to read, is David Kilcullen’s book, Out of the Mountains.



” – he offers a unified theory of “competitive control” that explains how non-state armed groups such as drug cartels, street gangs, and warlords draw their strength from local populations, providing useful ideas for dealing with these groups and with diffuse social conflicts in general.”







And one final story worth the read over at The Burning Platform. 

Asymmetrical Warfare And 4GW: How Militia Groups Are America’s Domestic Viet Cong


About half-way thru there is this:


“Unlike Europe, the United States has a homegrown militia movement that is heavily armed and, to varying degrees, ready for battle. When the AR-15 is talked about as a “weapon of war on our streets,” it is frequently mentioned in the same breath how an insurrection in the United States would never stand a chance against the modern weapons of war wielded by the federal government. This would be news to the Viet Cong. People who make such statements are unaware of the dynamics of 4GW”.










February 2019 Notes

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February FTF Meeting is scheduled for the 24th.  The  2019 Training Schedule may have to be modified.



Just a few quick pictures.

















January 2019 Notes

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January FTX will commence on the 26th at 0900L at Training Area North and end at 1600 on the 27th.  Topics for discussion include cold weather gear, water purification, and Land-Nav / Night OPS.


Winter Field Day 2019    is also this same weekend.  It is a lot more casual than ARRL Field Day, June 22nd and 23rd this year, so it would be the right time to find a field portable 160m antenna and update your HF digital software.


From Hungary, Prime Minister Victor Orban sent out a New Year’s greeting card with a picture of his grand-children.  This is the man who is showing the way to the rest of Europe how work for the interests of your fellow countrymen.  There is a coalition of 9 countries that did not sign on to the EU’s Migration Pact, and there may be more in the works.  With the EU Parliamentary elections in May, Victor Orban has a chance to help some of those who share these views into positions in the EU Parliament and oppose the move towards Globalization.  Here, we have our own variation of Globalization going on, but most people still don’t see it, or the connection to Europe.



Starting this year, we have Communists in the new Congress that are already trying to introduce legislation that would radically affect your daily life, if such legislation somehow passed thru the Senate and went on to the President’s desk and was signed.  “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions”, should be carved in stone over the door at the Congressional building, cause once you look inside you’ll swear that’s definitely Hell in there.






In the first week holding office, the new House of Representatives introduced bills to impeach the president, abolish ICE and the Electoral College, implement gun control/restrictions/bans/confiscations they always describe as “common sense gun laws”, along with several other things only virtue signalling SJW’s think  would “improve the quality of life” for a majority of americans.  What was their 2018 Campaign Platform again?  Oh yeah, “Don’t get caught talking about the campaign platform”.  Sort of like Fight Club, but for Snowflakes.







And speaking of living in a bubble, the main stream media is still giving those people a huge soapbox from which to preach this nonsense  to anyone that will listen.  Sadly, there are quite a few that do. 






Just last month, at the G20 meeting in Buenos Aires, President Trump briefly spoke with President Putin.  Could be they are just passing jokes between themselves at their last four brief meetings,  prior to their long-awaited meeting in this country.








President Putin is still taking flak for that little incident in the Crimea back in February 2014.    That was an interesting little mess, that still simmers as of December 2018, when the 22nd official cease-fire was violated by both sides, but also a teachable moment on many levels for “us Despicables”  today.  Firstly, somehow the russians got away with fielding what appears to be JROTC students,  in their brand new gear,  into the middle of town, free to move around and be photographed, and mingle with the local folk.  They became the poster boys of ill-equiped, untrained raw troops, but they were still very useful for their intended purpose.








Maybe they don’t carry much gear, and maybe they can’t really march and stay in formation, but they sure can set up a tidy little field camp that probably passed inspection. 


Secondly, this bold move was made possible because of the dozen or so Spetsnaz Strike Teams deployed around Sevastopol.  Most were not photographed, but they carried some really nice looking gear.  And as always, they are the teeth and claws that ran the show.





And if needed, the real “Plan A” was parked on the side road just outside town, just in case.  BTR-80’s and yes you can still buy them today but stripped of some “accessories”.







Lastly, maybe the least publicized (wonder why?) yet interesting photos show some local partizans maneuvering thru the streets.  Street clothes, and very little gear that could be identified as military looking.  Light gear that could be quickly ditched when the time comes.  They know when to get out-of-the-way and fight another day.  Not their mission goal to needlessly die in the streets.  Something to be learned there on that street.







December 2018 Notes

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As usual, there is no December FTX. And even better, we’ve worked out a deal with the Southern Militiaman’s Union and now everyone gets holiday pay starting this Christmas and our year-end bonuses are in the mail. (/sarc/).



We had just a smattering of snow already for the season.  Any amount over two inches is grounds for the Governor to declare a State of Emergency.  The foot of snow we ended up with around here, just like the foot of snow we had back in January, shut down most of the state for a week.  The normal annual snowfall for most of the middle  of the state is 7 inches.  Will the new normal now be 30 inches?






Make the time for celebrating Christmas this year.  Reach out to everyone both on and off your list with seasonal good cheer. Watch “The Charlie Brown Christmas Special” for the 50th time. Read Charles Dickens “A Christmas Carol”. Dress up, go to church, and try to look and act respectable. Pay attention – you might learn something. Look back over your lineage. Embrace your traditions and heritage.

This could very well be your last Christmas.








And on that dark note, let’s rush into next year’s grinder.

At best, we always hope our Federal Government is so tied up in knots that it can’t actually do anything more than make blustery speeches. It was a good thing back when JFK made the speech that he wanted the country to put a man on the moon by the end of the decade. That gave the country a purpose and direction going forward. It also enhanced our position in world standing. There has been nothing like it since.




The Congress Critters and Governors we elected two years ago have achieved many of the things we elected them to do. Some of them of course dragged their feet doing so because they really didn’t think they’d have to do anything beyond getting their Christmas holiday pay and year-end bonuses.




You can project that the next two years will look much like 2009 – 2012, but several points up the exponential curve, and once again, the best we can hope for is that the Federal Government will be so tied up in knots that it can’t actually do anything more than make some blustery speeches.




Hope for the best. Plan for the worst.






For  a  good backgrounder on where the congressional game of musical chairs will start off in mid-January, read this story from The Conservative Treehouse.



What’s the best that can happen, and what’s the worse than can happen?



And unless you live in one of those less free states like California, the selection of quality arms and ammo is still out there for you to take advantage of until things start to heat up in the spring. Maybe you should invest some of that holiday pay and year-end bonus into something you can hold in your warm, live hands.






Nobody with open eyes can any longer doubt that the danger to personal freedom comes chiefly from the left.”

Friedrich Hayek

November 2018 Notes

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November FTX will commence at 0800 on the 24th and run thru 1600 on the 25th at Training Area North.  Topics to discuss will be the 2019 Training Schedule and Open Source Intelligence Gathering.  This is the last FTX for the year.  Traditionally, December is set aside for the Christmas season and spending time with family and friends, despite all the forces trying to squish all the enjoyment out of it.    We will try to have a group gathering sometime near Christmas and resume training in January.


Items to consider this month –

Showed the Suture Practice Kit at Patcon 14 along with a video showing a very good technique for tying three types of instrument knots.  Also gave away a Raspberry Pi for the raffle.






Tula 7.62 x 39 8M3 Fragmenting ammo is still available for $240/1000 rnds from SGAmmo.




Mike MIles has a link to a really good article at on 4GW and the Militia.  RTWT.



Hunting season for Deer with a gun starts  on the 10th in these parts.  Season limit is still 6.




Gray Squirrel season opened last month and runs to the end of February.  Bag limit of 8 per day.  Easy to fill the freezer where you have stands of Hickory and White Oaks.






October came and went and left a big wake.  And here, even Halloween took on some extra meaning.




If not already done, mark your calendars for 6NOV.  Whatever the outcome of the elections, you can count on the Lefties having a conniption fit.  Potential local hot-spots are the Chapel Hill/ Durham/ Raleigh area with secondary incidents in Charlotte.  The bigger fires should occur farther north towards Baltimore and up that corridor where they have a history of government sanctioned riots and violence.  Ol’ Remus says “stay away from crowds.”








Towards the southern border, the U.S. Army is finally making the front door a little more awesome with a truck load of Victor Orban approved Concertina wire.   Makes for some good P.R. pictures, but sadly, there is a thousand miles along the border that badly need the same attention.  “Catch and Release” has such a dismal record as a deterrence to further efforts to cross the border by other than legal means by other than legal folks with other than legal motivations.  Europe is finally seeing some push-back with populist movements starting to make changes in immigration policy in their countries.  Perhaps not “too little – too late” for them to take serious actions to solve their problems.  For us, we have twenty times the problem and twenty times the border to defend and near zero determination to preserve at least the appearance of treating illegal immigration as the serious problem it is.  As with most failures of governments to address deteriorating social conditions, the one solution everyone is trying to avoid even discussing becomes the only one left, and at the time when implementation has become immediately necessary.  Last chance – Last choice.  As with Orwell’s 1984, Camp of the Saints was not supposed to be an instruction book.





Veterans Day is on the 11th.  The holiday comes and goes with a little less fanfare each year.  Veterans have earned much more respect and acknowledgement that they ever get.  All you have to do is look back a couple of decades to when this was just the opposite to find some motivation to make improvements in the future.  There is a real story that needs retelling behind this Rockwell painting.





In January, 1941, Roosevelt made his State of the Union address and spoke of “The Four Freedoms” when talking about helping the other countries involved in WWII, and in the spring of ’43, the Saturday Evening Post published a series of Rockwell paintings based on that speech.  “Freedom from Want” became the classic Thanksgiving picture ever since.





Make a reason to have a good Thanksgiving.













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