January Supplemental

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Slight change in plans.  Due to the declared state of emergency because of a little bit of snow, none of you should be driving out here to Training Area North, where the county will never scrape the roads.  They don’t want to risk it either.  Tentatively, FTX is rescheduled for next weekend when we can at least see the mud.  The Dept. of Transportation does have a little current information at the TIMS section.



Something to look at when you’re not mesmerized by all that snow out your window would be the recent news (depending where you find news these days)  of a group of Finnish patriots  called the Soldiers of Odin patrolling their streets on the look-out for any groups of Islamic immigrants that might be looking to cause trouble.  This is something to take note of because just like most of Europe, the Polizei are protecting the immigrants rather than their citizens.  Sort of reminds you of here, doesn’t it?  Except there aren’t any Soldiers of Odin here, right?

January 2016 Notes

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January FTX will commence at 0900 on  the 23rd and run thru 1600 on the 24th at Training Area North.  This is our first FTX of the year and so we will be going over equipment and training standards.  We need to finish our refresher training on Rural Ops and move on with other training this spring.


We did meet for a Christmas dinner here locally and that went better than anticipated.  Normally, due to everyone’s busy schedule, there isn’t a scheduled event in December.  In light of the many current events both here and abroad, that needs to change.


David has started an initiative to raise some funds for Mike Vanderboegh.  All of us in the Militia and Patriot community are benefiting from the hard work of Mike (and David).  PayPal link in the story here.   We will be sending some this week.  Mike has slowly been losing his fight against cancer yet still has a lot of initiatives in progress around the country.  And if any of you know a good editor (and yes, I’m looking at you guys that have  published books), Mike could really use one to finally get his book, “Absolved“, into print and circulation.  Maybe an illustrator, too.



Interesting items to study in your off time:

This month’s Backwoodsman Magazine has a short version of  Basic Map and Compass by Tony Nester.

Map and Compass Backwoodsman Mag 2a

When you visit their website, one of the many books they sell is called Guerilla Gardening for Long Term Survival, that discusses how to make a garden for long term survival needs yet make it hard to be found by those roving bands of hungry Zombies in the Post-SHTF times.


We are lucky to be in a region of the U.S. where we have so many similarly sized and oriented Militias and Patriot groups that are starting to work together and share ideas on, for example, inter-operability in communications.

Something we could make very good use of is a field portable log periodic antenna for 2m/70cm use is made by Elk Products.  As shown with black powder coating for $150.

Elk Products LP antenna



Don’t remember this being covered in CERT training but this  FEMA Building Search Markings video covers it pretty well.  And knowing how to write these marking could be a useful skill someday.

FEMA Structure Markings




Locally, more or less, Guilford County Sherriff’s Office adopted the Yellow Dot Program from someplace in Connecticut and it seems to be getting the support of the Greensboro City Police.  The Yellow Dot program is a method of making critical medical and contact information quickly available to EMS when they show up and say, “Wow! What happened to him?”  To use this program, you can download the pdf file and fill in the blanks.  Then you keep the form in your cars glovebox and put a round yellow dot sticker on your side window, or put the form on the refrigerator (with a fridge magnet) in your house and put the round yellow dot sticker on your front door.   Looks useful anyway.  PDF of Yellow Dot form here.


A similar device, called the GO>ID Tag,  is demonstrated over at ITS Tactical.  Comes in three sizes and can be securely attached to about anywhere on your person where hopefully the Emergency Responders can quickly find it.  Looks useful anyway.





Two stories from earlier this year from Red Team Journal, both about some companies efforts at data security and how it was a good thing they sought outside assessment of their security systems.  The bottom line from both stories: 


“So with those two stories, I present to you Red Team Rule #51. Your adversary has the benefit of looking at your organizational defenses and asking itself “how can we defeat these”. You don’t have the luxury of money, time, or personnel to look at their attacks and ask yourself, “how can we defend against these”. The red teamer will always just come up with something else.”






And, just to start the year off on the right foot, here is a recently released document via PublicIntelligence:  DHS Report on Violent Militias.  It’s little surprising this report is pretty vague and wanders in many places.


(U//FOUO) Violent militia extremist units conduct a range of paramilitary training. Field training exercises often are held on a militia member’s private property, in national parks, and at other undisclosed locations. Violent militia extremist groups often engage in joint field training exercises with like-minded groups from other states. Training topics include wilderness survival, marksmanship, hand-to-hand combat, fire-and-maneuver drills, and small-unit tactics. Some militia group members have demonstrated proficiency in using firearms, operating heavy weapons, and constructing improvised armored vehicles. Violent militia extremists also post videos on the Internet that depict and advocate violent acts, training scenarios, antigovernment conspiracies, and a wide range of survival skills.


No, we didn’t make the list this year, again.  Link to PDF file here.






And the release is timed to go with …….

on horseback at malheur

“Everything begins with intelligence.”


Undoubtedly, you’ve been keeping up with developments at the occupation of  Malheur Wildlife Sanctuary out in Burns, Oregon. It is somewhat of a complicated story that has serious implications for us here, no matter how or when it plays out. There are many with opinions both pro and con on this incident, but a similar historical point to remember is from way back in 1963, when Jack Kennedy was in West Berlin making that speech near the Berlin Wall, where he said, “Lass’ sie nach Berlin kommen”, a remark pointed at those who kept saying they could work with the Communists thru deals and treaties, to “let them come here” and see first hand how that was a plan for an amazing level of failure that many would not live through. Fifty years ago, the wall that went up and split up a city, is now effectively here in this country, and it looks like we’re on the inside of this one. Burns, Oregon is but just one little town where the people who see the wall have grown tired of pretending it’s not there.


Sites with a fairly complete and accurate accounting of the details involved is The Conservative Treehouse and Super Station 95 from New York.


Great commentary on the implications to the Militia/Patriot community can be found written by  The Oath Keepers, Mike Vanderboegh, Bob Wright, Max Velocity, and T.L. Davis.


PodCasts with good observations can be found at Forward Observer and Radio Free Redoubt.

FO Podcast Episode 030 – The Bundy Militia & Malheur NWR

Most recently is a story from D.C. Clothsline, where one of the local chaps from the Burns area went out to see for himself what was really going on out at the wildlife refuge.      


The lessons to be learned here are many and this is one of those rare opportunities to watch this development in Oregon with an eye towards concepts that could one day be useful here locally.  This is one of those exercises in resistance to tyranny that we will be talking about for some time.


And here is the link to send your support, thru Carol Bundy, to those guys occupying the wildlife refuge out in Oregon.  Carol has made an extensive list of items (beyond just money) that can be put to immediate use.   There might also be a legal fund starting up.  Will post that link later.



Supplemental Notes:

This is the link to a story by NCScout that speaks to both the events unfolding out in Oregon and to us in the trenches here.  It is undoubtedly the best story that’s come out yet, not for the details on what’s happening in Oregon, but how to see what’s all going on surrounding those events.  Learning all we can from the actual events and the 4GW aspect of those events is a rare and priceless opportunity.

A few thoughts





December 2015 Notes

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Currently no scheduled  FTX or FTF for this month.  Yet.  Instead, we’re tying to schedule a Christmas dinner at one of the finer pork serving establishments in our area.  Details should be in your inbox by now.


In the meantime, here is some food for thought.


Firstly, a story from Small Wars Journal about avoidance of all those little CCTV surveillance cameras,  that are just everywhere these days, if you’re planning ahead for your downtown 4GW activities.



“This will be examined in terms of the interplay of tactics and technology,‭ ‬between surveillance‭ (‬provided by CCTV‭) ‬and its avoidance,‭ ‬or destruction,‭ ‬as these serve as a precondition to successfully committing an act of terrorism,‭ ‬from an operational and tactical perspective.

Therefore,‭ ‬one future indicator of a pending major terrorism attack is likely to be the‭ ‘‬downing‭’ ‬of local CCTV.”


There are literally hundreds of these cameras along the highway,  up and down the city streets, and watching the parking lots and not just in town.  Only a small portion are publicly accessible, and even less in real-time.  You know where they are?  You know where they all are?



Our Neighbor just a few counties over, NC Scout, wrote about the definition of true light infantry.  It’s a concept we can appreciate.  Mostly because, well, you don’t see this guy carrying 150 pounds of ruck  either, do you?





And along that same theme, ITS Tactical wrote about Patrolling Tactics, briefly, and that is the exact thing we need to practice again this coming year, until everybody tells me they’ve had enough of it.  And then we’ll do some more.






Secondly, while you’re thinking about patrolling and traveling light, remember that Intel Report outlining the continuation of gang-related activities in our area.  We get more than our share in this county.  There are two more reports to add to that pile of background material.   Both from our buds at the DEA.   The first goes over their areas of activities back home in Mexico.



areas of mexican cartel control




The second goes over their areas of activities here in our home in the U.S.A.  Makes you wonder just how many embedded DEA fellows we have around here.





Some people  who know the answer to that question in their neck of the woods are the guys at Arizona Border Recon.  They regularly update their data collection, because, well,  they’re RECON types.



AZBR intel-reports



While we’re looking at maps, there currently are a few Syrian maps worth looking at  for their raw intel.  Over at  Live UA Maps there is even this infographic detailing the Russian forces in that area.  The Russians have come a long way from just a handful of planes at Latakia.



Russian Intervention in Syria



Maybe not the entire Black Sea Fleet along with every Mig-29 they own are now in theatre, but if you’re driving an oil tanker truck towards the border with Turkey, it must surely feel that way.


MIG 29 Fulcrum



Even more detail about Russian forces, in and around Syria, can be found at South Front, a group that has a lot of detailed information that can’t be found from anywhere else.





Syria, and Syrian “refugees” have been in the news a lot here this past month.  We’re still pretty new (and naive)  on that subject.  But Europe  —  well the Europeans have had a belly full and if you do a quick search on YouTube, for example, for Pegida, you’ll quickly learn why.  Björn Höcke of the AfD in Germany, made a speech the middle of last month in Erfurt, where he said, ” …the AfD is the last peaceful chance which our country has.”   Much like the Patriot movement here is  the likely vanguard of the last peaceful chance for the government of this country to start listening to the people. 


So lastly, and the point this is all leading to is, we are in that same boat as the Europeans, we just don’t seem to know it yet.  There was  a recent story over at WRSA, suggesting the time was right for an expeditionary force of around 100 men to pull their gear together for a month’s worth of “intensive kinetic negotiations” with ISIS forces in their neighborhood.  You already have your Passport and Immunization Record in order, right?  Then all you need to do is pack a little gear for winter in the desert.  Well,  after you figure out who is going to be the in-country guide that will help you make all the arrangements to get that 600 pound crate marked “Gourmet Coffee” thru customs.  Twice.  Intact.  “Better there than here”, right?










November 2015 Notes

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November FTF will commence on the 22nd at 1300 at a location TBD.  Topics will be finalizing next years training schedule and presentations of the few special projects that are in the works.

October FTX was changed to a FTF on short notice by our C.O., Eric, and when we all arrived on site we found out we were all being treated to a surprise steak dinner.  Absolutely the least amount of grumbling all year.





We did discuss the table-top exercise conducted at the Fall 2015 PATCON over at Brocks at the beginning of October, and how the lessons learned from that exercise can be applied to our exercises.  There are many,  but then that’s what practice runs are for.  And that’s why they make those little notepads you’re supposed to be carrying around all the time.



3x5 rite in the rain notebook



There is, of course, much going on around the Patriot Community this time of year.  We’re not the only ones making plans for next year.  One of the most pressing is what to do about the unrestricted foreign invasion from several corners of the world.  The current estimate of 200,000 undocumented “refugees” from Syria, along with another 800,000 illegal immigrants from Central America and Mexico is only supplemented by the 1.5 million people brought in thru normal channels with H-1B temporary work visas.  This is undoubtedly too many people, too fast, and certainly sets up the Balkanization of America.  All brought to you by our buddies on The White House Task Force up in Washington.  Back in April, while you were busy with taxes, they published “Strengthening Communities by Welcoming All Residents”.  You probably didn’t get your copy, so there’s one over in Guides and Manuals section on the sidebar.  Essentially, The Powers That Be have concluded that there is a better return on investment when all the (illegal/undocumented) immigrants are brought in and displace the current residents like me and you.  The TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement) is one part of that plan and CISA (Cyber Information Sharing Act) is the other.  Together, this will severely limit information sharing via the internet within the Patriot Community and quite likely result in the many common sites we now rely on shut down by the DHS/FBI.  If only we had a private e-mail server managed by Platt River, we would be immune from prosecution as the case seems to be for Hillary Clinton, former SecState.





So make the time to visit Radio Free Redoubt  and then we’ll figure out if we can do something similar to the Cryptoparty of The Order of The White Rose out in Renton, Washington on 5DEC.  TOWR also has a  series of articles, of particular interest is Tradecraft for Patriots

And for some very insightful words on Report Formats for Recon Patrols, NCScout over at Brushbeater’s website has been  writing a lot lately on subjects we can really use.


Worth reading now while you still can.







October 2015 Update

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—  UPDATE  —

FTX at T.A.N. postponed to following weekend, 30-31st, due to seasonal scheduling conflicts for several members.  Hope this great weather holds up just a little longer.

October 2015 Notes

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October FTX will commence at 18:00 on the 23rd at Training Area North.  We will be working on Small Unit Tactics for Rural Ops.  Then practice Recon Ops for some sand table work.  And of course, Radio Communications and  Hand Signals. Bring your gear.


There is a story over at Bush Beaters on how to make a good quarter wave ground-plane antenna, suitable for deploying up here at Test Area North.  Pretty sure we already got all the parts sitting in a junk box around here somewhere. Will make a good weekend project.

Might need to work on how to make a fire to keep warm with, since we are expecting our first frosts this month.



Winter Camp Fire


Was hoping to have pieced together the AAR for Patcon 8, but will have to wait till after FTX, just so we don’t leave anything out.  Already planning for Spring 2016 Patcon next May.





One big thing this past month is from our buddies up at DHS  warning of  a risk for U.S. persons travelling to fight ISIS.”  Not that there isn’t already  Dept of State issued travel warnings to just about every other spot in the Middle East.


So much for bluffing your way thru Zvartnots International Airport  in Yerevan, Armenia, with a few  really poor Russian phrases.  Then sneaking thru 400 miles of southeastern Turkey towards Sari Kani, just inside Syria, and the 712 Highway to Kobani, picking up your forwarded gear along the way.

But if you do get stuck and pinned down in that frequently blowed up gas station outside Tell Abiad remember, the emergency phone number for the U.S. Embassy in Amman Jordan is  +962 (6) 590-6500.  The Czech Republic Embassy in Damascus is handling all consular services for U.S. citizens still in Syria.





September 2015 Supplemental


The Appalachian Redoubt is our backyard, and there are many fellow Militia groups within the region.  We have made contact with less than half and listed only a few as “Neighbors”.   There are just a few groups that currently are working on their outreach programs, in an effort to link up with the other groups and attract new members at the same time.  Many of them have a good training program and a cadre of capable members.  Between reading this story at Western Rifle Shooters and this one from Oath Keepers, you get a little look into how good some of this training can get.







This maybe reflects a change in the  Oath Keepers relationship with militias, or the militias’ relationship with the Oath Keepers.  Maybe both.  But most of those Militiamen in this picture, taken in front of the Oath Keepers helicopter, were at the Oath Keepers Summit at  Gilbert Creek, WV,  at the end of last month.  The relationship might have just been embryonic then, and still tenuous.  This is quite a remarkable development and shows perseverance does produce results.  Professionalism  can oftentimes open doors like nothing else can.


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