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North Carolina Patriot’s Convention number eleven was held outside of Tarboro, N.C. at Dixieland between 31MAY and 4JUN this year.  There were about three dozen in attendance.  Surprisingly, a good portion of those were former U.S. Army personnel.




Forgot my boxes of good bottled water.  This is locally made in Alamance County and the quality of the plastic bottles contributes greatly to the long-term good taste of the water.  Don’t leave home without it next time.



This idea will be better demonstrated at the Fall PATCON, where Friday will be devoted to an all-day communications event.  There has been some talk in the past about holding a ham ticket cram class and  exam event, since there are enough Extra Class operators to hold one.  We’ll see if it gets pulled together and promoted with enough advance notice for everyone.  Soft dates are 5 – 8 OCT.  Until then, you can read this background story from Warrior Capitalists that was posted on Mason Dixon Tactical and set your course accordingly.





Topics discussed were the “10 Week Plan to Prepare for a Worst Case Scenario for Beginners” from DTG and a simplified 5-point version from J. C. Dodge.  Also discussed was “OCOKA – Its uses for Neighborhood Protection and Basic Self Defense”, presented by Jim Zucker and  tied into the book, “A Failure of Civility”.   Different forms of communications and the radio gear to make it happen was presented by Brushbeater.  Learned you can do a lot with just battery operated equipment.  Finally, Peter White headed up the round table discussion on where we are currently, and things we can do in the near future.  An event that usually gets a good amount of ideas contributed by the attendees.


The raffle had many good items again this time.  Some .223 and 9 mm boxed ammo.  A mighty fine carbine and scope along with some extras.  A Baofeng handheld radio.  And three copies of “A Failure of Civility”, by Garand and Lawson,  that is almost unobtainable these days.


So another great PATCON .  A great place to meet people and talk about ideas.  Thanks to Brushbeater, Jim, and Pete for putting on a good show, and thanks to Brock for hosting everyone again at Dixieland.






June 2017 Notes

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June FTX will commence at 1200 on 24JUN and run until 1500 on 25JUN at Training Area North.  This is the same weekend as ARRL Field Day 2017 and presents a good opportunity to practice some field day radio skills, while we work on Mapping and Land-Nav.  Hot weather is upon us which means everything that flys, buzzes, walks, crawls, or slithers will be around camp day and night.  The occasional unpredictable summer thunderstorm might also be in the works.  Plan accordingly.


An old document worth perusing:  FM21-75 Scouting, Patrolling and Sniping,  from February 1944.   Lessons learned from those who did it.  Of course, you can always say, “All wars are different”.  But basically, they shoot at you, and you shoot at them, and you hope you do a better job of it than them.  Sure, the where and when might change, but the Valkyries are always watching.




“You’ve got to kill people, and when you’ve killed enough they stop fighting.”

General Curtis LeMay





Lastly, for all the militia units out there that live and breathe on FaceBook,  just stop it,  and take a look at these guys in Georgia.  Or rather how the media portrays them, which is, ummmm, “Fair and Balanced”, shall we say?  Never could understand why on God’s green earth anyone would post details on exactly what they do, with pictures of them doing it, complete with names, wearing name tags,  and the places,  and their gear, and the equipment they were using, and then expect some news outlet not to twist it around beyond all recognition and then use cheap filler as “reliable” background information from the likes of the SPLC, Morris Dees, and some flakey professor from Boston who writes “opinion articles” on militias without ever meeting a single person from one of the many militia groups from around the country.  “There are now an estimated 165 militias in the U.S., according to Ryan Lenz, a senior investigative reporter with the Southern Poverty Law Center.”  Malarkey.  There are over 100 units in this state alone.  So do you think there are really only 50 other militia units in the other 49 states combined, or do these people just plain don’t have a clue?  So what are you supposed to do when approached by someone who might be from the media wanting to do “an interview  for something they’re currently working on”?  Your unit does have a Public Information Officer, right?



May 2017 Notes

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May FTX will commence at 0900 on the 20th and run until 1600 on the 21st.  Training items will cover the revised three-day pack packing list and the revised Area of Operations map, in addition to the regular Map Reading and Compass work.  Also please review the 10 minute video from Max on Range Safety.




One topic of note is the pair of North Korean satellites, KMS-3 and KMS-4, that are commonly speculated to be EMP devices.  In a report from this time last year, James Woolsey,  former director of the Central Intelligence Agency, and Peter  Fry, executive director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security commented:


“Senior Russian generals warned EMP Commissioners in 2004 that their EMP nuclear warhead design leaked “accidentally” to North Korea, and unemployed Russian scientists found work in North Korea’s nuclear weapons program.”


And before that, in 2011 the U.S. Army War College released a report entitled, “In the Dark: Military Planning for a Catastrophic Critical Infrastructure Event”.  That document for-told of North Korea’s ability to send just a simple, inefficient, low-yield type nuclear device our way to detonate somewhere in that magic 30 – 100 mile region over (preferably) the Eastern Seaboard.  The resulting EMP wouldn’t directly kill anybody but the resulting societal and economic collapse would be witness to possibly millions of deaths.  Details in the story from The Hill here.  Check on the satellite positions here.  Hope you have your gardens in already.







Back on this side of the globe, the Left is still working hard to perfect their brand of street thuggery, in hopes of destabilizing the government and otherwise causing so much chaos as to make the country ungovernable.  Not sure why this is not seen clearly as sedition, and dealt with accordingly.  But make no mistake, this is not just another lefty blight on the left coast.  These groups are in every state and on a lot of college campuses (ground zero for free speech and thought – not any more)  and make extensive use of social media to promote and promulgate their ideology.  (Maltego users take note…)   Progressivism might be considered Communism Lite, but these guys read more like RFB Communist instigators in the latter days of the  Weimar Republic and even have borrowed some of the symbolism from that period.  If only those same colleges and universities still taught Western Civilization 101.







This flyer is not atypical of these people.  It does lack even the smallest attempt at wry wit or sarcasm.  Could mean they’re a bit deficient in the humor department.  Schadenfreude coming up in 3…2….1.






You can always check with Oath Keepers for updates on these activities.  Won’t be any links to follow back to the “hives of scum and villainy” from here, but there is this one document that you should have a look at, not so much for what it says about group, but as a lesson towards what they might have in common with some militias as far as objectives and training go.  Could have stole some of that from here.  Who knows.









April 2017 Notes

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April FTX will commence at 1200 on the 22nd and run thru 1600 on the 23rd at Training Area North.  Subjects to review include  SALUTE Reports, some common knots,  and terrain map reading.  In winter time, terrain features are less concealed.  This is spring time and the surrounding terrain changes in appearance as the foliage and brush returns to full growth.  Using a terrain map will show where certain features are when they might otherwise go undiscovered.




The third part in a series at ITS Tactical, 4 Steps to Collect, Analyze and Make Intelligence Work for You, briefly covers these points:



Identify Your Environment

Explore Your Environment and its Effects

Understand the Threat Environment

Anticipate the Threats



Most of this can be found in more detail in  FM 34-130.  Solid advice when looking at your AO.


Always good to know  that the National Counterterrorism  Center has slightly modified their view of “Home Grown Violent Extremists”.  NCTC  Bulletin can be found here at Public Intelligence.



(U//FOUO) A Homegrown Violent Extremist (HVE) is a violent extremist of any citizenship who has lived and/or operated primarily in the United States or its territories, and who is acting independently of the direction of a foreign terrorist organization (FTO). Because HVEs are acting to further the goals of an FTO, they are considered foreign intelligence threats under the authorities of both the Intelligence Community and domestic public safety entities.



Worth reading the 36 pages maybe.






Also this past month, Max has been running his Combat Leader Course.  Max is currently running this week-long class only once a year, but after reading this Class AAR, that may change to twice a year, maybe more.  The main thrust of the Combat Leader Course is:  


“This is an infantry combat leader class designed to teach you leadership, decision making, and the planning and the execution of combat missions at the team and squad level. There are in fact no training prerequisites for those coming from alternative tactical training backgrounds.  There is also the option to attend as a rifleman with no command responsibility.”


Max has offered quite a selection of training courses for a number of year now and this may become another premier class to attend for those developing leadership roles in their units.  Your are developing leadership positions in your units aren’t you?





Finally, NC PATCON 11 will commence on 31MAY and run thru 5JUN.  Should be another  good program this time around, and as always the local Bar-B-Que is top-notch.












March 2017 Notes

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March FTX will begin at 1200 on the 25th at Training Area North and run thru the 26th at 1500. Subjects to cover are radio communications as a function of small unit tactics and movement, Recon Patrol, and of course more Map and Compass work with Land-Nav.  Bring your side-arm as our Aerographer is trying to conjure up some fair weather for the weekend.



Radio propagation has been pretty good on 40 and 80m this past month.  A good amount of traffic on the Coastal Carolina Emergency Net.  Have yet to check in to Tar Heel Emergency Net.  Both ideal for working NVIS on 75m. 




Band conditions are found on many places, but this one is quick and updates every five minutes.  Plus, it’s got a link to some web-based SDR sites, which is good when you’re away from your radio.





Last month,  the RSA security conference was held in San Francisco, CA.  One item of interest is the Yubi Key, a USB device made for two-factor authentication as an extra security measure on your log-in accounts. It contains your security key in either RSA-4096 or ECC p384 and has both FIPS 140 and FIDO  certifications.  Not bad for $40.



And speaking of extra security measures, Wikileaks released documentation, called Vault 7,  of a very extensive set of software tools used to breach  the smartphones, tablets, and laptop computers that everyone uses everyday.  There are real software companies that develop these little programs and sell them, and not just to the CIA and NSA.  Just another example of the massive collusion between the device manufacturers and these government and non-government organizations to collect every scrap of information that they can get to in the name of making the country safer. 







And even though the encryption of applications like Signal remains intact, some of these tools will access your information before it gets processed thru Signal.  How often does your device perform app and system updates, yet nothing looks or acts differently?  What really is in those updates?  Especially the ones that require you to reboot.  You should really be paranoid enough by now to be compartmentalizing your communications and data and taking measures to know what’s going on with your second favorite little friend.




Going to be a busy summer.  NC PATCON 11 is just three months away.  Long term,  in the worst case scenario, we have less than four years to prepare for a really wild time if the Progressives come back into power.  They are already organized in many ways to keep making the country unsettled and ungovernable.  It’s a very good time to inventory your “bullets, beans and bandages” and get on top of that training program that you know you’ve got to do.














February 2017 Notes


February FTF will commence at 1400 on the 26th in our park location. Items to discuss will mostly detail how to carry out the training schedule for the spring/summer. Bring your notebooks.


Sun Tsu was an early strategist on warfare and put his ideas into print around 500 BC. His book guides both strategists and practitioners of warfare even today.




1500 years later, events in feudal Japan lead to the rise of the Samurai. During a civil war, the Minamoto and Taira samurai clans rose to prominence. They fought one another in the Heiji Rebellion (1160). After their victory, the Taira established the first samurai-led government. The defeated Minamoto were banished from the capital at Kyoto.





Another 500 years later, The Book of Five Rings, a text on kenjutsu and the martial arts in general, was written by the swordsman Miyamoto Musashi  (1645).





Two thousand years sounds like a long time for the distillation of what seems such a simple concept, doesn’t it?






Locally, the mind-set of Sun Tsu and Musashi are put into real-life practice in our Robin Sage FTX, already on the calendar. Details of the big “Who, Why, How, When, and Where” describes the extent of the exercise in the SFODA learning curve. Last year’s preview:



“The exercise’s notional country of Pineland encompasses Alamance, Anson, Cabarrus, Chatham, Davidson, Guilford, Hoke, Montgomery, Moore, Randolph, Richmond, Rowan, Scotland, Stanly and Union counties. Throughout the exercise, Special Forces candidates and Robin Sage role-players not only conduct training missions such as controlled assaults and key-leader engagements, but also live, eat and sleep in these civilian areas.”





And a year has passed since last spring, when the DHS and FBI released an intelligence assessment on the Baseline Comparison of US and Foreign Anarchist Extremist Movements.





“(U//FOUO) The vast majority of US anarchist extremist attacks targeted property likely due to the location’s accessibility and as a symbol of capitalism and globalization. Most foreign anarchist extremist attacks targeted persons likely because of the cohesiveness of the movement and greater emphasis on issues that can be blamed on local, individual targets. US anarchist extremists targeted the banking/finance sector most often, as these perceived soft targets of capitalism are possible to attack with tactics that are non-lethal yet cause significant economic damage and pose significant public safety risks. Foreign anarchist extremists most often targeted government entities, likely due to the emphasis placed on local domestic issues by foreign anarchist extremists and their capabilities to commit attacks against hardened targets.”



How many attacks by extremist have taken place, domestically and over seas since then, and have they followed the same pattern? The real question being, “Is there an identifiable rise in domestic violence and acts of terrorism?  And is there a common source of funding and organizational support for those groups involved?”




Maybe the most telling graph –






Our scenario planning model that we’ve used for the past several years needs a little updating in light of events since November 2016.  As much as the SPLC makes its money exploiting information  of dubious value concerning Militias and White Supremacists groups (they equate the prevalence of both to the same factors), there is so far no equivalent place to discover all the various groups (largely funded by the same organizations) that are trying to emerge as major players in the general effort to cause disruptions for the edification of the Main Stream Media.  Here are but a few, but you might get the feeling they aren’t lacking for motivation and convictions, much like any other terrorist group.  And a few others that might be a source of training to counter those groups.   Keep in mind that there are still elements in the government that are enabling these groups despite having the responsibility to protect the public from these groups.







“You may think that, boisterous as these demonstrators are, and although they can draw a few thousand youngsters to their events, they are but a tiny fraction of the population and could never pose a serious threat to any government. But how wrong you would be.”





Paul Sperry wrote earlier this week in the New York Post how former president Obama is actively sabotaging President Trump.


“He’s doing it through a network of leftist nonprofits led by Organizing for Action. Normally you’d expect an organization set up to support a politician and his agenda to close up shop after that candidate leaves office, but not Obama’s OFA. Rather, it’s gearing up for battle, with a growing war chest and more than 250 offices across the country.

Since Donald Trump’s election, this little-known but well-funded protesting arm has beefed up staff and ramped up recruitment of young liberal activists, declaring on its website, “We’re not backing down.” Determined to salvage Obama’s legacy, it’s drawing battle lines on immigration, ObamaCare, race relations and climate change.”




“We’re Agency, an anarchist media relations project since 2013. During Occupy anarchist ideas also enjoyed greater coverage, but we noticed that most stories focused on the same few anarchist voices over and over. As anarchism is garnering more and more interest now, we want to broaden the voices and ideas that show up in the news.”




Learn how to execute Red Team Operations properly by converging Penetration Testing, Social Engineering and Physical Security tactics.



What you will learn –

Full-cycle Red Teaming from Operational Planning to Reporting phase
How to converge technical, personnel and physical vulnerabilities
Covert and overt methods of entry into a target location
Social engineering tactics, from telephone to face-to-face (see our book)
Evasion, lock picking and other bypass techniques
Physical security scouting and reconnaissance
Penetration testing for Red Team Operations



What you will do –

Full-training Exercises (FTX)
Plan, execute and report on a full-training Red Team Operation
Conduct target reconnaissance both offline and online
Clone RFID badges, steal/impress keys, pick locks or bypass security controls
Exploit system vulnerabilities on the target’s network
Use several social engineering tactics to gather information from targets
Make overt and covert entry into a target location and establish APT persistence





From the old REDTEAMS Website:


“Most people are starting to realize that there are only two different types of companies in the world: those that have been breached and know it and those that have been breached and don’t know it.”



Rule 1: Always have an escape plan
Rule 2: Never get caught.
Rule 3: Be aware of your surroundings.
Rule 4: Always have a backup plan.
Rule 5: Assumption is the mother of all fuckups.
Rule 6: Trust your gut.
Rule 7: Simple and light equals freedom, agility and mobility.
Rule 8: KISS: Keep it simple, stupid.
Rule 9: The solution is in the problem.
Rule 10: Don’t become predictable.
Rule 11: Never take the elevator.
Rule 12: Act, don’t react.





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The more you hack in peace, the less you bleed in war

“Hacking takes time. Developing the tool chain takes time, recon takes time, sometimes systems get hardened and the optimal time to hack them was in the past, and so on and so on. The best time to collect intelligence about an adversary is before you need it.”



The road ahead promises to be full of challenges for the next few years.




January Supplemental

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Winter Field Day today.  Actually this whole weekend.  Put on by SPARS  in Ohio.  This is technically a field day type contest and some people might sweat the details in their electronic logs about how many contacts they can make in different modes on different bands into different counties, states and countries with different power levels using different antennas.  Some may do this more than once if they are using different radio rigs for different bands.  But basically, if you can drag your portable stuff out into the garage or onto the back porch and set up some quick and dirty antenna in the back yard to go with it, you are getting the flavor of emergency communications.  Any contact you can maintain for a minute or two, no matter where it is or how scratchy it might sound still counts in the end.






The reason we have field days, at different times of the year, is usually to set up and practice communications under emergency type conditions.  Wouldn’t be much of a test if you’re in a well-lit ham shack, surrounded by $30,000 of top of the line equipment feeding several computers and a couple humongous antennas up on 100 foot towers.  The challenge is to get as close to nothing equipment wise and still collect information (by listening) and get your message out as best you can.  This means probably using your mobile rig on low power running directly off some old car battery that might die in the next 15 minutes.  This means using an antenna slapped together from junk salvaged from the trash heap.  For added points, try doing it in the dark, and cold, while it’s snowing/raining with the wind howling, while wearing a leg splint and an arm sling, and an eye patch.  And your neighbor’s daughter is having her baby a little  early due to the storm.  And the looters are just starting to come up the street.   Just to make it fun.  There, now you have your hands full.  That’s why you do this.







Thing is, most ham radio operators, under normal, sunny-day conditions, are more interested in making contact with one of those tiny pacific islands, or McMurdo Station, or Tierra Del Fuego, or just about anywhere besides someone local within a 100 mile radius, that might be available, or that might know someone else  that is available, to help with your difficult situation during the current emergency.  Always nice to chat with the fine folks down at McMurdo Station (or even the International Space Station), but they ain’t coming by to help you get your emergency generator running any time soon.  But now, old Jim Bob, that hayseed  over in the next county that sold you his black rifle cause it’s just too finicky for him to keep around the farm, just might.  Remember, he’s got an antenna on every truck he owns and on a couple of his tractors.  How often do you make radio contact with him?


So now that you’re trying to figure this all out, here are some useful resources to look at to gauge what the communications conditions are.  Might save you from wasting 20 minutes on a frequency that is totally useless this time of day.  Just remember, this works a lot like fish finders.  Sure, the fish are out there.  Just  doesn’t mean they’ll bite.


First stop, check CONUS HF BAND CONX.  Breaks down the HF band conditions and updates every couple minutes.  A rough indication where people might be listening on their radios.




Next, you should look at the F-2 layer propagation map because you will be using an NVIS antenna and that signal you’re shooting straight up needs to make it right back down.





And just maybe, you’ve worked on developing your skills at digital modes, for just such an emergency where you have low power, high noise and bad band conditions coupled with crappy makeshift gear while wearing gloves and an eye pad. 




Some place to help you with that is another “Old Guy”,  W1HKJ.  Has just enough info to get you started and going crazy with digital.  The best is the Sights & Sounds of Digital Modes“, where you can hear sample transmissions, and read about the up and down sides of those various modes.  So start your homework now while the sun is out and the power is still on.  There’s no guarantees how long that will last.



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