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PATCON 13 was May 30th thru June 4th.  We had less than twenty people in attendance.  If you weren’t there, you missed out on a rare instance of a PatCon with nary a gnat nor mosquito.



In the first session, we had a little demo of several modes of digital communications on HF radio. A 100 foot long 160-6m doublet set up as an inverted V with a center height of 20 ft fed a Yaesu FT-450D for this exercise.   Successfully checked in to the New York NBEMS net on 3584.5 using THOR-22.  Next, we covered Winlink and RMS Express to send email, radiograms, and some FEMA forms that are built-in to Winlink.  FEMA likes their standard forms for reporting from/to the field operations during disasters, and Winlink is the program of choice that gets that job done.  This branched off to a brief discussion on the free FEMA online training, specifically for ARES – Amateur Radio Emergency Service.  Finally, and going into lunch, we used  FT8 from WSJT and made a few contacts on both 40m and 20m.  All radio work was done with a power level of 30 watts.  Might have been successful at only 5 watts;  propagation was pretty good that morning.



In the after lunch session we watched a short video from MP Paul Weston and another one from Lauren of  RedIce on nationalism and racism and how the meanings of these two terms have become twisted to the point of now becoming meaningless.  We discussed current events in Europe and the push to import millions of immigrants from the middle east and northern africa with the intention to replace the local peoples.  There is currently a large movement in many european countries to stop and reverse this trend with efforts from Hungry, Austria, Italy and even in Germany.  Even Sweden is starting to figure out it’s not too late for them to keep Sweden Swedish by taking inspiration from the developing policies of these european countries.  Important events with implications for us here in the U.S. with our uncontrolled immigration problem that is largely politically motivated.



Finally we had a round-table discussion on politics, both local and national.  We discussed the need for making local alliances of like-minded folks based on common values, whatever those might be,  and preparations for the possibility of a Yugoslavia style break-up here in the U.S..  It’s already on the ballot to  separate into three parts in California.



The usual PatCon raffle went really well.  Several books and boxes of ammo were on the table.  A big item was a 2 month supply (for 1 adult) of emergency food.   There was even a fire ring that would make any campfire memorable.   And, also as usual, there were a couple of people who won multiple items.



Hope to see everybody again at PatCon 14, tentatively scheduled for October 4th thru 7th.  The Bar-B-Q is always great.











June 2018 Notes

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June FTX will commence at 0800 23JUN and run until 1600 on the 24th, at Training Area North.  The Aerographer is projecting overcast skies with some spotty rain with a high temperature of 90 and a low of 70.  At least it won’t be 100 degrees.  And yes, this does span the same time slot as Field Day 2018.



Since summer weather is finally upon us for the next three months, it would be a good time to review the indications and treatment for heat stress and heat stroke.  The American Red Cross has a web page on this subject.  (meaning no stats on mortality rates and no pictures of humans in distress, and written on a third grade level – written for modern snowflakes.)



Just as a reminder, six months ago we had significantly cooler weather, with several low temperatures in the teens and a spell of blowing snow up here at OP1.




Recent events worth noting:

North Korea negotiating with the U.S. for development aid in exchange for signing a peace treaty with South Korea and working towards denuclearization of the peninsula.




Austria’s new government expels Imans and closes many Mosques.



Italy’s new government refuses to let a ship dock carrying 600 refugees from northern Africa.



The long-awaited DOJ Inspector General’s report finally came out.  After chastising former FBI Director Comey for not following procedures because of political bias, turns around and declares there isn’t a smidgen of bias in either the DOJ or the FBI, after detailing at length the political bias of many members in the FBI and DOJ.   Written  in the same writing style and dry wit of Hillary’s exoneration of any wrong doing in the FBI’s investigation of her illegal email server scandal made by Comey, before he investigated her illegal email server scandal  while he  covered up the fact that he really had no intention of investigating her illegal email server scandal.



And just in case you’re considering adopting another AR style rifle since there is a glut right now of small arms and ammo, consider that the Army is planning on deploying their new line of killer robots in theater in the next few years.  Looks like they’re made sort of 5.56 resistant, and you might really wish you were pointing with something a little bigger when they start rolling thru your neighborhood.  So many conflicts in third world hell-holes, so few robots.  Good thing they’re not planning for large-scale urban operations in the Megacities.  Oh wait……






Finally, some insight into “the possible role of militias in the upcoming unpleasantness”, from Forward Observer.


“In my experience, although there are still plenty of gross amateurs out there, the number and quality of semi-professional militias and defense groups has grown. Realistically, in a “dirty civil war” scenario, we’ll need to participate in these types of local militias in order to bring some security and safety for our neighborhoods and families.”


“A militia is capable of using violence as a means of influence and, at its core, serves to fill a void in governance not filled by a central authority. Unlike an insurgent group, the “militia” is not driven to remove the host nation government as much as it seeks to protect and secure its own interests or autonomy…

Unlike a gang, a militia possesses a greater degree of legitimacy in the territory in which it operates, and it is not primarily a predator or parasite on the state. Instead, a militia is viewed as a competing, legitimate representative of a segment of the populace based on religious, tribal, ethnic, ideological, and/or territorial grounds.”


Not too long an article, refers to  a Naval Post-Graduate School paper.    It should sound really familiar to several of the themes behind our exercise scenarios of the past several years.  Very much worth the read.















May 2018 Notes

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May FTF will be held for a few hours on 26 May starting at 1400 at the park.  Items for discussion will be set-up for Field Day and then preparations check for going into hurricane season.  Summertime temperatures seem to be here a month ahead of schedule, just like everything else is this year, so bring some extra water.



In the meantime, some articles worth reading……  The first, France’s report on the chemical attack in Syria.  Yes, the one we bombed the crap out of the day before the investigation teams were scheduled to arrive on scene.  The French say in their report,


“On the basis of this overall assessment and on the intelligence collected by our services, and in the absence to date of chemical samples analysed by our own laboratories, France therefore considers (i) that, beyond possible doubt, a chemical attack was carried out against civilians at Douma on 7 April 2018; and (ii) that there is no plausible scenario other than that of an attack by Syrian armed forces as part of a wider offensive in the Eastern Ghouta enclave.”



A second article describes a second generation smock with a goodly number of pockets with button closures, and made with a combination of modern materials and old-fashioned wool.  While a little shorter than traditional smocks, it looks to be practical for the local environment.





Two current books you need to add to your library, after thoroughly reading several times, is Tactical Manual: Small Units Tactics, from Max Velocity and Basics of Resistance: The Practical Freedomista, Book I, from Kit Perez and Claire Wolf.



On a sad note, Boy Scouts of America is dead.   Done in by that familiar blend of political correctness and socialists. 



On my honor I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my country
and to obey the Scout Law;
To help other people at all times;
To keep myself physically strong,
mentally awake, and morally straight


The last bastion of the scouts, the Order of the Arrow, probably will not last another 100 years since they draw membership from the scouts.  Beard and Steton had a good run, working with the good stock of american boys that understood the spirit of scouting.  Today, way too many a youth either know somebody, or has had the experience themselves, of eating Tide Pods and struggled with choosing the public restroom of their choice.



Now, what we have today is this:





On another note, no sadness this time,   Dick’s Sportings Goods took the politically weak-kneed position of announcing they will no longer sell AR style rifles.  Actually, they haven’t sold any since they took them off their shelves years ago after the Sandy Hook school shooting.  Is it really that difficult to find a proper gun shop in your area, where the sales people actually own guns, and can tell the difference between a Kalashnikov 1947 and  the LWRCI Individual Carbine?





Finally, Hurricane season officially starts next month.  No daily bag limit.  We get several each year in these parts.  And of course FEMA has a plan for that.  Get your copy and get prepared.  Just like the Boy Scouts used to say.






April 2018 Notes

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April FTX will commence at 1200 on the 21st and run thru 1600 on the 22nd at Training Area North.  Some items for discussion  are water purification methods and Intelligence Data Collection and Processing.  The weather should be fair, but since it’s still spring, plan on things changing quickly.



One bad thing that happened in Eurabia this month can be seen in a chain of events, starting with  Martin Sellner, of Generation Identity, being detained for three days then banned from entering the U.K. where he was scheduled to deliver a speech.  At the same time, Brittany Pettibone was also detained and banned from entering the U.K.  Then not long after that, Tommy Robinson delivered that speech before 3000 folk at Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park, London.  Predictably, pandemonium ensued.  Then shortly after that,  Lauren Southern was detained and refused entry into the U.K., permanently.  Then, shortly after that, the Austrian Police raided the house of Martin Sellner in Graz, and confiscated his phone and computer.  He is facing up to 3 years in prison for criticizing islam with peaceful actions.  What do all those events have in common, you might ask?    Short and simple —  Free speech.  All of these people have spoken out on the Islamisation of Europe.  Why does this matter, you might ask?  Short and simple —  We’re next.  Way too many webpages and  videos to point out here, but it definitely would behoove you to look some of them up while you still can before they get scrubbed from the internet.




One good thing that happened in Eurabia this month was in Hungary, Victor Orban won that country’s  presidential election again and with a wide margin.  If any country is on the bleeding edge of making every effort to keep their country just like it is, Hungary is #1.  The President Junkers of the EU has threatened to pay them a little visit in June to somehow force them to take 80,000 “immigrants”.  So unless you see Hungary starting to dismantle any of that six rolls of razor wire that form the border wall surrounding their country, it’s probably safe to assume that answer is “No”.







And something good on the calendar in these parts is the 13 th NC PATCON in Tarboro over the weekend of June 2nd.  Make your plans to attend and send your money into Brock ASAP.









March 2018 Notes

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March FTX will commence at 0900 on the 24th and run thru 1600 on the 25th at Training Area North.  The Aerographer  promises dry weather the week before so after gear inspection, we will practice a little Two-Squad perimeter patrolling.






Lots of interesting newsbits in the past few weeks.  Most of it just that – bits, not details.  No backstory.  Hard to make sense of some of it cause it’s the first cousin to propaganda –  a manufactured bald face lie with just enough believable details to be (mis)taken as factual reporting.  These are the days of 4GW  and the “News” is rarely the news.  And that’s the thing about wars.  They usually get a lot worse before they get any better.





John Robb wrote of this earlier this year. 

Why Social Networking will get Worse


“In 2018, over 4 billion people are now using social networking, and the newsfeed is now the main conduit for news and information for over half the planet.  However, these users aren’t using the simple reverse chronological newsfeed we had in the first social networking product. 

At Facebook, in particular, the newsfeed is actively managed and sorted — by algorithms and increasingly, AIs — to maximize the time people spend on the network and the revenue generated by their interactions.  That effort is why the Facebook newsfeed has become a chaotic soup yielding unpredictable outcomes.”





Small Wars Journal has two stories of interest.  The first simply points to a New York Times article about the top 5 international destinations from the Safe Cities Index, created by The Economist Intelligence Unit, that you are advised to avoid.  The list reads like the Megacities list for future wars, and surprise!, the number 1 city to avoid is Karachi, Pakistan.  The number 2 city, also no surprise, is the capital city of Venezuela, Caracas.



The second story is more interesting and closely follows some of the planning scenarios for these parts for the future wars. 



The Future ODA 2035-2050


“This paper briefly examines a single future ARSOF Unit of Action in the 2030 – 2050 timeframe. It shapes the discussion with the following questions. What is the military problem? What does the Future Operating Environment (FOE) tell us? What will the Operational Detachment Alpha (ODA) look like in 2035 -2050? It concludes with an operational vignette.”


And one more recent story that also would be good material for the planning scenarios for these parts for the future wars. 


Knowing is Half the Battle


“We are facing a dark future. One thing that is shown again and again is that people who disarm are at the whim of those who don’t. You as a gun owner/prepper/survivalist have to come to grips with what you are willing to do (and not do) and what you are willing to endure to see that you hold to your decisions. Simply deciding to not comply is just the first step. Now the real hard decisions come.”




And while we’re thinking about “that”…..  locally we have another good candidate for the “You’re Doing it Wrong” award.    “Dwayne” teaches anthropology over at UNC.  An easy subject to teach to students  that know nothing of history, except the history they learn at UNC.  Seems one of his recent field trips was to Charlottesville last year.  Probably a short list of his pupils that went with him.  As “a leader in the Redneck Revolt”, there might be a little funding by the  Center for American Progress.  Must be nice.   Won’t link to them, as with any lefty organization.  But  FarLeftWatch has the story on “Dwayne” and his Redneck Revolt “militia” buddies, complete with a nice poser picture.  Nice assortment of Closet Queens (the rifles, not the students……or, maybe….)   All that’s missing is their Che Guevara shirts.  They do have that crazy look down pat.




This UNC Professor is part of a far-left militia group



“If you are a student or the parent of a student at the University of North Carolina and the presence of a professor who is part of a violent militia group makes you feel unsafe we encourage you to express your concerns to the University of North Carolina. You can submit a formal complaint or contact dean Kevin Guskiewics directly at asdean@unc.edu or 919.962.3082.”




Next month we will discuss a little about recent developments in the E.U., as events are accelerating towards the June deadline set for the Visegrad Group.  Many of the challenges they’re facing will be near enough the same as our future challenges, and should be watched very closely.  One big example, occurring right now in England, that quite possibly is heading our way, reported at Mike Miles:


U.K. Embraces ISIS Returnees, Cracks Down On Right-Wing Journalists

“2017 was full of terror for the island nation. There were multiple car attacks and a suicide bomb targeting young girls leaving a Ariana Grande concert. Instead of looking at ways to restrict possible extremists from entering the country, British officials vowed to go after internet speech as their top priority. (RELATED: Theresa May’s Answer To Terror: Restrict The Internet)

Translation: they were going to put extra effort into suppressing right-wing dissidents instead of reforming their immigration policies.

Plenty of people already go to jail over online political speech in U.K. In 2016, at least 3,395 people were arrested for comments made on the internet, and more are likely to be jailed in the future.

This absurd system can only be justified by valuing multiculturalism over the freedoms of your own citizens. Unfortunately, that seems to be the priorities of Britain’s elite.”



Elsewhere, a little farther east…..












February 2018 Notes

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February FTX commences at 1500Z on the 24th at Training Area North and runs thru 1600 on the 25th.  Training Topics include how to keep your gear dry in wet conditions.  The Aerographer says all bets are off on what the weather might be.  Still a little sloshy in these parts with the three inches of rain we’ve had in the past six weeks.  Not including that ten inch snow we had.  Been 20 degrees above normal for over a week. And the long-term temperature map shows a huge mass of -30F air sitting over the Parry Channel just waiting for the next Siberian Express to pull down this way in March.  Aahhh…  Springtime!








For starters, while we’re sitting around in 70F shirt-sleeve weather,  this picture is either the new guy on the team getting the roof watch while the rest of the team is down stairs taking his picture, or this is the new guy on the team getting the roof watch doing his best to distract you from the rest of the team who are watching you.  Your guess.  Choose wisely.


A small item of kit we’re about to test out this FTX is a molle pouch from Mission Darkness.  Under $100 from Amazon.  Holds a goodly bit of your necessary items, especially for those with nomophobia.  The new phones are made such that it’s rather inconvenient, if not impossible,  to remove the battery to insure that Little Pocket Devil (LPD)  is really off.  This bag hopefully will put an end to your LPD’s ability to squeal on you, if only temporarily.  Does Schrödinger’s Paradox hold true for LPD’s?



Currently, it’s a buyers market for guns and ammo.  Most dealers have on hand all those wonderguns from HK, CZ, Glock, RIA, Remington, and Taurus.  Even the DSA SA58 is on the shelf waiting for you to pick it up.  A man’s rifle right out of the box. (Note: there are no man’s rifles available in Calif.)




Speaking of small arms, the U. S Army is at it again.  “Envisioning the Deep Future of Small Arms 2022 to 2042”, by the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army, Mary J. Miller.  Essentially the notes of a one day  B.S. session on small arms development and deployment around the supposition, “If we had something better than we have right now, could we do this type of mission differently in the future, maybe even better?”. 






Every page has the phrase “Technological Overmatch” in a way that screams “If we use made up meaningless jargon and use it a lot, it will sound like we’ve hit on the next Advanced Combat Rifle.”  Hope this conference didn’t cost a lot of money.  Despite this report, the Marines are toying with the H&K M27 as their designated Improved Automatic Rifle.  Claims to have a farther effective range (by 10%) over the M16A4 variant, plus a fully automatic fire feature, and a gas piston system.  So, oh hell yeah, bring back “spray and pray” with an over penetrating round for ground fighting in the mega-cities wars of the future.  Have we learned anything from the last 60 years of combat?  Your guess is as good as mine.  But you can have either the  DSA SA58 above or two Century Arms C39 rifles (see below) and the bad guys won’t need a medic.  If your Squad Tactics depends on everyone playing machine gunner, and you didn’t bring actual machine guns –  with crew support, then you’re playing video games again.  Where’s my soapbox?







A final note, on the subject of keeping small arms.  Way back in 2008, maybe 2009, when the N.C. Ranger Corps were starting to get their act together state-wide, we were making fun of the videos put out by the Southern Michigan Volunteer Militia. The most referenced one was where they each in turn would hurriedly round the corner of some building or tree, fire a shot from their trusty AR’s and say, “We will not support the New World Order!”,  or something along those lines.  They were a premier militia, with a large membership,  who dearly held up the  scenario that the U.N was planning on sending in troopies, in those cute blue helmets, that were then going to round up all us gun-toting incorrigibles, and load us into those train cars headed to FEMA camps for internment and re-education.  Or worse.


Well here we are, ten years later, and we’re still not in the U.N.’s internment camps.  But we have learned of the Globalists that are behind it all, pushing their agenda in all four corners of the world.  Europe, Africa, South America, and here in the U.S. of A.  It’s difficult to see, when those things they do in all these places look different.  But they all point here, towards us, with the full intent to marginalize then replace us.  Water down the ideas that are the foundation of western civilization until they are gone and forgotten.  A new age of opportunity for them.  The trail into obscurity of the Neanderthals for us.  Maybe the Southern Michigan Volunteer Militia weren’t that wrong after all.  One good example:





One good answer, in the form of Christmas humor:



    And happy St. Valentine’s Day.















January 2018 Notes

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January FTX will be a one-day event commencing at 1500Z on the 27th,  at  Training Area North.  Gear check and a little target practice, followed by a briefing on this years events and training goals.



Happy NewYear.  Expecting great things to happen this year.  Also expecting more “great moments in cultural enrichment”  this year.  Undecided whether to write the book now myself or wait till the historians write it 400 years from now.



Ol’ Remus over at the Woodpile Report offers this tidbit for us to ponder while warming our feet around the pot-belly stove.



“There’s an ugly, unavoidable reckoning building. The cynic in me says however remote you are, or self-sufficient you are, however well-appointed your hidey-hole, however much ammo you have, however deep your deep larder, however much training and comms and meds you have, it probably ain’t enough for what’s coming.”


Beyond the scope of the “Alamance Ranger Notes” to delve into the whys and wherefores of the culture wars.  Only to point towards the planning and preparing for the day it gets “past resolution by normal means”.  For now, for most folk, this is just a small sore spot that makes suitable material for humor.







To that end, this spring we’ll be adding some ideas from the GO-RUCK people to our road-work and trail-work.  Seems they sell some real pretty gear for those city-dwellers that want the experience of getting outdoors for the day and can afford to look good while doing it.  For those of you that already have a nice sturdy pack filled with 30-80 pounds of important crap, ( yes, looking right at you) you can skip the shopping on their site.  But do look at their chart for “rucking”.






Max has amended his training classes to now include a minimum level of fitness as a condition for enrollment.  Maybe a good idea when you’re training 20 people who have paid real dollars and expect to get the most for that money.  Bear in mind that “others” have also altered their training standards to achieve their new goals, though not necessarily for the better.  No insult taken here.


Brushbeater has pointed out that while low-power portable radios are highly desirable for field operations, it wouldn’t be a bad idea for us noobs to learn basic skills on one of the standard 100 watt hf rigs.  And this type of radio can be had, used and in very good condition, for not a huge investment.  Some examples from ebay —



A used Kenwood TS-440 for just $270.



A used Yaseu FT-897 for $395.


And a used Icom IC-706 also for $395.


There are many other sources of used equipment in good shape.  Most Hams take very good care of their equipment and most is very well constructed and nearly idiot proof.   Well suited for those just learning to operate a radio, especially in digital modes.


And ITS Tactical has a good background story that tells you some of the basics for when you go shopping for your gear.



And, and, and….. you’re in such luck.  Winter Field Day 2018 is the weekend of the 27th and 28th.  Imagine that.  Mostly aimed at the lower bands and any/all modes with the point of making as many contacts as possible without really caring who is on the other end, or what kind of antenna they’re using, or if they’re running 10 watts or a thousand.  Just like most contests.  It’s an exercise in listening too!





Finally,  just a reminder — these cold winter nights sure would be a good time to work on some of that free FEMA training and/or studying for that General class exam like you’re supposed to be doing.  Just saying….




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