November FTX will commence at 0800 on the 24th and run thru 1600 on the 25th at Training Area North.  Topics to discuss will be the 2019 Training Schedule and Open Source Intelligence Gathering.  This is the last FTX for the year.  Traditionally, December is set aside for the Christmas season and spending time with family and friends, despite all the forces trying to squish all the enjoyment out of it.    We will try to have a group gathering sometime near Christmas and resume training in January.


Items to consider this month –

Showed the Suture Practice Kit at Patcon 14 along with a video showing a very good technique for tying three types of instrument knots.  Also gave away a Raspberry Pi for the raffle.






Tula 7.62 x 39 8M3 Fragmenting ammo is still available for $240/1000 rnds from SGAmmo.




Mike MIles has a link to a really good article at on 4GW and the Militia.  RTWT.



Hunting season for Deer with a gun starts  on the 10th in these parts.  Season limit is still 6.




Gray Squirrel season opened last month and runs to the end of February.  Bag limit of 8 per day.  Easy to fill the freezer where you have stands of Hickory and White Oaks.






October came and went and left a big wake.  And here, even Halloween took on some extra meaning.




If not already done, mark your calendars for 6NOV.  Whatever the outcome of the elections, you can count on the Lefties having a conniption fit.  Potential local hot-spots are the Chapel Hill/ Durham/ Raleigh area with secondary incidents in Charlotte.  The bigger fires should occur farther north towards Baltimore and up that corridor where they have a history of government sanctioned riots and violence.  Ol’ Remus says “stay away from crowds.”








Towards the southern border, the U.S. Army is finally making the front door a little more awesome with a truck load of Victor Orban approved Concertina wire.   Makes for some good P.R. pictures, but sadly, there is a thousand miles along the border that badly need the same attention.  “Catch and Release” has such a dismal record as a deterrence to further efforts to cross the border by other than legal means by other than legal folks with other than legal motivations.  Europe is finally seeing some push-back with populist movements starting to make changes in immigration policy in their countries.  Perhaps not “too little – too late” for them to take serious actions to solve their problems.  For us, we have twenty times the problem and twenty times the border to defend and near zero determination to preserve at least the appearance of treating illegal immigration as the serious problem it is.  As with most failures of governments to address deteriorating social conditions, the one solution everyone is trying to avoid even discussing becomes the only one left, and at the time when implementation has become immediately necessary.  Last chance – Last choice.  As with Orwell’s 1984, Camp of the Saints was not supposed to be an instruction book.





Veterans Day is on the 11th.  The holiday comes and goes with a little less fanfare each year.  Veterans have earned much more respect and acknowledgement that they ever get.  All you have to do is look back a couple of decades to when this was just the opposite to find some motivation to make improvements in the future.  There is a real story that needs retelling behind this Rockwell painting.





In January, 1941, Roosevelt made his State of the Union address and spoke of “The Four Freedoms” when talking about helping the other countries involved in WWII, and in the spring of ’43, the Saturday Evening Post published a series of Rockwell paintings based on that speech.  “Freedom from Want” became the classic Thanksgiving picture ever since.





Make a reason to have a good Thanksgiving.