October FTX will commence at 0800 on the 27th and finish at 1600 on the 28th at Training Area North.  Topics for discussion, other than Deer Season, will be water purification methods, and edible plants.



A popular thread for discussion over the past year(s) is “Civil War Two – The Cultural War”.  Not so much from the prepping aspect of the basics – beans, bullets, and bandages, but more along the line that there will be no clearly defined lines to fight along beyond cultural lines.  So it has been a great help that so many events have taken place in the past two years to help define where those cultural lines form and extend. 


Example #1.  Severe Trump Derangement Syndrome




A lot of the street violence that has been ignored, or maybe even encouraged by local politicians, while becoming irksome on a day-to-day basis, is increasingly pushing the limits of personal assault.  Examples of personal restraint in the face of these assaults, meaning nobody had to be shot, occur weekly.  Consulting with the Oracles, there will be a window of a few months duration between 3NOV2020 and 20JAN2021 where personal restraint will no longer save the day because Severe Trump Derangement Syndrome will likely progress into Stage 4 Terminal Trump Derangement Syndrome.  Why everyone wants to kick off their wars in the winter is a topic best left for the psychiatrists, but there does seem to be a pattern there.  Maybe this post from Karl Denninger is the most clearly laid out.  You can bet there will be much more on this topic in the next year.



“Think Locally.   Act Locally.”   Seriously, there are over 400 square miles in this county.  We could be kept very busy, right here, for quite some time.




The constant recurring theme remains – “What can I do to get ready?”  With the premise that you don’t presently have enough guns and ammo and training, nor do you have enough friends with enough guns and ammo and training, a good place to start would be to buy your friend a gun and start practicing.  It’s Deer Season.  You’ll blend right in.




Buy your son or daughter a rifle.  Buy your friend’s son or daughter a rifle.  Maybe not a top-of-the-line Sako in .270 like this one, but maybe a good quality Howa in .243.  Buy some good quality ammo, then head out to your local range.  It’s a start.






Then, ditch your dependence on electronic social media platforms.  All of them.  Including your favorite little Pocket Devil, of either IOS or Android flavor.  It is not your friend.