August FTX will commence at 0800 on the 25th and run thru 1600 on the 26th.  The weekend of the full moon in the longest, hottest month of the year.  Items for discussion will include fixed blade knives and multi-tools, and what to pack in your gun cleaning kits.




Towards that end, ITS Tactical has a story on exploding two gun myths.  Namely, don’t mercilessly clean your guns till they break, and don’t fall into the “My  X is just as good as a Y”.  If it does what it’s supposed to and it works for you, then it’s good enough.




August 7th is the closing deadline for submitting your comments to the U.S. Census Bureau on whether or not to include the question, “Are you an American Citizen”, in the 2020 Census Questionnaire form.  Seems like a legitimate question as the census numbers are constantly used for allocation of federal spending in the states and locally, for political representation.  Your tax dollars at work for the government you get to elect.  Anything else is called “Charity”.  The crazies over on the left coast however see this as an affront to all the illegal aliens they have on their voter rolls, and so are urging people to contact the Census Bureau and advise them not to have this question asked of their people, but to just treat everyone like they could actually maybe could  be real citizens and not just “wannabees”.  Only thing is, they don’t see how the monies you send in to the Federal Government thru taxes in your state get redirected to their state to fund those insane policies.  If it was only a question of utilizing their own state monies to redistribute within their own state according to their insane policies, this wouldn’t present such a dilemma to the other 49 states.  But no one ever says, “What happens in California, stays in California:, do they?  No.  So it would behoove you to go make your own recommendation thru comments to the Census Bureau that you would like them to accurately count American citizens this time around  and if those people here illegally feel they’re being denied their fair share from American taxpayers, they should contact their home embassies and file a formal complaint.  Or find a local charitable organization that will support them.  The U.S. Government is not by charter a charitable organization.





And, as far as who can vote in the next elections, we already seem to have all the voters that we can stand right now.  Maybe more than we can stand.





On another similar tact, this is the 50th anniversary of Enoch Powell’s famous “Rivers of Blood”  speech  in 1968.   The BBC is currently working on recreating that event and causing a lot of controversy in the process.  More of the words we’re forbidden to say these days.





Case in point:  from Sweden, of all places.  A story of everyone having fun at the beach on a summer dayExcept some people are having more fun than others.  Makes you wonder just when will “the Saxon begin to hate”?




Lastly, some YouTube videos with recent dates that might be Militia related for you to consider.  And No, they’re not related to Russian sponsored propaganda sites aimed at affecting the 2018 mid-term elections.  It might be time for the local militias to start training the Community Preparedness Teams.

















“The woods are lovely, dark and deep.  But I have promises to keep. And remember, Sobalev, many miles to go before I sleep”.