July FTX will commence at 0900 21JUL and run thru 1600 22JUL at Training Area North.  Item to discuss are water procurement and edible plants.  Easy subjects since we have an abundance of both in these parts at this time of the year.  And remember, some of us have invested some time and skill on these subjects.




Meanwhile, here are a few items to read up on prior to FTX.

Ammo is getting cheaper every week as there is still a glut on the market.  And no, you don’t have enough ammo already.  Nor do you have enough friends with guns who have enough ammo already.  What better time to work on this than now.



7.62×39 Red Army Standard 124gr FMJ Ammo, Bi-Metal Jacket, 1000rd Case.  $199 from J&G Sales.




1000 Rd (Bulk) – CCI Blazer Brass 9mm 115 Gr FMJ (CC5000BK1000).  $169 from  Ammomen.


From Breitbart London, Tunahan Kuzu of the DENK Party in the Netherlands stated, “When Dutch people see you as a foreigner, they are basically saying they feel superior and that you don’t belong.”  And then he went on a little further in his speech to say, “Any native Dutch people with concerns about “the changing face of the Netherlands, where different people from different backgrounds live together in a city like Zaandam or a neighbourhood like Poelenburg” should “get the hell out”.  Already past time to ask the Dutch people what they think of this forced immigration thing.  Good thing that can never happen here.



Well, maybe.  If the Lefties like Bret Stephens at the New York Times get their way.  ‘Ol Bret writes on the immigration problem, as seen thru the eyes of a New York City lefty, is that we just haven’t taken in enough folk from turd world countries to have the proper effect yet, because that’s the only alternative to kicking all you native-born white hicks in fly over country out of the country.  Destination – unspecified.  Go read his linked evil spiel at your own peril.  Else just read the synopsis with analysis over at American Greatness.



“The one thing I will say for the current year’s naïvecon boldness: it’s clarifying. Now we know where we all stand. Trump voters, take heed: Bret Stephens and his friends hate you. They despise you. They hold you in contempt. They want you kicked out of your own country and replaced by foreigners. They are your enemy.”




And if you need a good example of communists meddling in our elections, it’s happening right now here in our state.  Live in the 9th ( Lumberton, Laurenburg, Rockingham, Monroe) or 13th (High Point, Lexington, Mocksville, Statesville)  Congressional districts?  Commies from out-of-state are dumping millions of dollars into the campaign coffers of the local commies running for those seats in this years primaries.  That’s how bad they want to take over the state and trivialize you hayseed locals that just refuse to get with the New York liberal/commie program.  This means you must vote this fall to defeat those commies, while they’re still willing to let you vote.  Voter ID may help this time around.  Therein lies the story of the Soap Box, the Ballot Box and the Bullet Box.  Voting is easy and you only have to do it every other year or so.  Once you start pulling that bang switch, you’ll be doing it every day.  Choose wisely.



Just saying….show me your surprised face when it happens.



Two years after the recent Presidential elections, we’re finally starting to have Congressional level hearings into the wide-spread corruption of those Deep State people who, despite all their efforts to rig the election, miserably failed to get their way.  This is somewhat satisfying to watch but in the big scale of things, even after the facts have come out as to who did what, something we all mostly knew already  for all these years, not one has seen any consequences beyond having their names briefly in the news.  And we know there must be a hundred more still quietly sitting in place for every one of them that gets dragged kicking and screaming in front of the camera.  And they’re still out there working in some capacity to shape policy and politics, and not in a good way.  May be a good bit of agreement among the “deplorables” that if we don’t see that first bus load of Deep State types quickly apprehended and sent to Camp Delta (GITMO) awaiting their trials, there may just have to be some alternate means of resolution, the “cease and desist”  kind, handed out by the people.











“Civil Wars don’t start when a few guys hunt down a specific bastard. Civil Wars start when many guys hunt down the nearest bastards.” – An American, via Twitter



Just saying….show me your surprised face when it happens.



Finally, something that has been in the works for a few years, and still in the formative stage, is a document called, “Guidelines on Cooperation”, that outlines some areas of objectives and responsibilities, methods and communications, for coordination between the half-dozen or so “neighboring” Militias.  No, it’s not about standardizing everybody’s kit to look just like mine, or a wordy dissertation on who salutes whom, but mostly “why we fight” when that need arises.  From at the top:  —



“And no, you don’t have enough ammo already.  Nor do you have enough friends with guns who have enough ammo already.  What better time to work on this than now.”



 Not an agreement requiring anyone to sign off on and not quite ready for publication (and free promotion via the SPLC), but if any of you have something that’s important to offer, or some points that you would hold for yourselves outside such an agreement, this hottest part of the summer would be a good time to bring it up.  You just never know when things might really heat up just overnight and we need to have some kind of framework ready to go.  Direct your input to MajorHayseed at protonmail dot com.