PATCON 13 was May 30th thru June 4th.  We had less than twenty people in attendance.  If you weren’t there, you missed out on a rare instance of a PatCon with nary a gnat nor mosquito.



In the first session, we had a little demo of several modes of digital communications on HF radio. A 100 foot long 160-6m doublet set up as an inverted V with a center height of 20 ft fed a Yaesu FT-450D for this exercise.   Successfully checked in to the New York NBEMS net on 3584.5 using THOR-22.  Next, we covered Winlink and RMS Express to send email, radiograms, and some FEMA forms that are built-in to Winlink.  FEMA likes their standard forms for reporting from/to the field operations during disasters, and Winlink is the program of choice that gets that job done.  This branched off to a brief discussion on the free FEMA online training, specifically for ARES – Amateur Radio Emergency Service.  Finally, and going into lunch, we used  FT8 from WSJT and made a few contacts on both 40m and 20m.  All radio work was done with a power level of 30 watts.  Might have been successful at only 5 watts;  propagation was pretty good that morning.



In the after lunch session we watched a short video from MP Paul Weston and another one from Lauren of  RedIce on nationalism and racism and how the meanings of these two terms have become twisted to the point of now becoming meaningless.  We discussed current events in Europe and the push to import millions of immigrants from the middle east and northern africa with the intention to replace the local peoples.  There is currently a large movement in many european countries to stop and reverse this trend with efforts from Hungry, Austria, Italy and even in Germany.  Even Sweden is starting to figure out it’s not too late for them to keep Sweden Swedish by taking inspiration from the developing policies of these european countries.  Important events with implications for us here in the U.S. with our uncontrolled immigration problem that is largely politically motivated.



Finally we had a round-table discussion on politics, both local and national.  We discussed the need for making local alliances of like-minded folks based on common values, whatever those might be,  and preparations for the possibility of a Yugoslavia style break-up here in the U.S..  It’s already on the ballot to  separate into three parts in California.



The usual PatCon raffle went really well.  Several books and boxes of ammo were on the table.  A big item was a 2 month supply (for 1 adult) of emergency food.   There was even a fire ring that would make any campfire memorable.   And, also as usual, there were a couple of people who won multiple items.



Hope to see everybody again at PatCon 14, tentatively scheduled for October 4th thru 7th.  The Bar-B-Q is always great.