June FTX will commence at 0800 23JUN and run until 1600 on the 24th, at Training Area North.  The Aerographer is projecting overcast skies with some spotty rain with a high temperature of 90 and a low of 70.  At least it won’t be 100 degrees.  And yes, this does span the same time slot as Field Day 2018.



Since summer weather is finally upon us for the next three months, it would be a good time to review the indications and treatment for heat stress and heat stroke.  The American Red Cross has a web page on this subject.  (meaning no stats on mortality rates and no pictures of humans in distress, and written on a third grade level – written for modern snowflakes.)



Just as a reminder, six months ago we had significantly cooler weather, with several low temperatures in the teens and a spell of blowing snow up here at OP1.




Recent events worth noting:

North Korea negotiating with the U.S. for development aid in exchange for signing a peace treaty with South Korea and working towards denuclearization of the peninsula.




Austria’s new government expels Imans and closes many Mosques.



Italy’s new government refuses to let a ship dock carrying 600 refugees from northern Africa.



The long-awaited DOJ Inspector General’s report finally came out.  After chastising former FBI Director Comey for not following procedures because of political bias, turns around and declares there isn’t a smidgen of bias in either the DOJ or the FBI, after detailing at length the political bias of many members in the FBI and DOJ.   Written  in the same writing style and dry wit of Hillary’s exoneration of any wrong doing in the FBI’s investigation of her illegal email server scandal made by Comey, before he investigated her illegal email server scandal  while he  covered up the fact that he really had no intention of investigating her illegal email server scandal.



And just in case you’re considering adopting another AR style rifle since there is a glut right now of small arms and ammo, consider that the Army is planning on deploying their new line of killer robots in theater in the next few years.  Looks like they’re made sort of 5.56 resistant, and you might really wish you were pointing with something a little bigger when they start rolling thru your neighborhood.  So many conflicts in third world hell-holes, so few robots.  Good thing they’re not planning for large-scale urban operations in the Megacities.  Oh wait……






Finally, some insight into “the possible role of militias in the upcoming unpleasantness”, from Forward Observer.


“In my experience, although there are still plenty of gross amateurs out there, the number and quality of semi-professional militias and defense groups has grown. Realistically, in a “dirty civil war” scenario, we’ll need to participate in these types of local militias in order to bring some security and safety for our neighborhoods and families.”


“A militia is capable of using violence as a means of influence and, at its core, serves to fill a void in governance not filled by a central authority. Unlike an insurgent group, the “militia” is not driven to remove the host nation government as much as it seeks to protect and secure its own interests or autonomy…

Unlike a gang, a militia possesses a greater degree of legitimacy in the territory in which it operates, and it is not primarily a predator or parasite on the state. Instead, a militia is viewed as a competing, legitimate representative of a segment of the populace based on religious, tribal, ethnic, ideological, and/or territorial grounds.”


Not too long an article, refers to  a Naval Post-Graduate School paper.    It should sound really familiar to several of the themes behind our exercise scenarios of the past several years.  Very much worth the read.