April FTX will commence at 1200 on the 21st and run thru 1600 on the 22nd at Training Area North.  Some items for discussion  are water purification methods and Intelligence Data Collection and Processing.  The weather should be fair, but since it’s still spring, plan on things changing quickly.



One bad thing that happened in Eurabia this month can be seen in a chain of events, starting with  Martin Sellner, of Generation Identity, being detained for three days then banned from entering the U.K. where he was scheduled to deliver a speech.  At the same time, Brittany Pettibone was also detained and banned from entering the U.K.  Then not long after that, Tommy Robinson delivered that speech before 3000 folk at Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park, London.  Predictably, pandemonium ensued.  Then shortly after that,  Lauren Southern was detained and refused entry into the U.K., permanently.  Then, shortly after that, the Austrian Police raided the house of Martin Sellner in Graz, and confiscated his phone and computer.  He is facing up to 3 years in prison for criticizing islam with peaceful actions.  What do all those events have in common, you might ask?    Short and simple —  Free speech.  All of these people have spoken out on the Islamisation of Europe.  Why does this matter, you might ask?  Short and simple —  We’re next.  Way too many webpages and  videos to point out here, but it definitely would behoove you to look some of them up while you still can before they get scrubbed from the internet.




One good thing that happened in Eurabia this month was in Hungary, Victor Orban won that country’s  presidential election again and with a wide margin.  If any country is on the bleeding edge of making every effort to keep their country just like it is, Hungary is #1.  The President Junkers of the EU has threatened to pay them a little visit in June to somehow force them to take 80,000 “immigrants”.  So unless you see Hungary starting to dismantle any of that six rolls of razor wire that form the border wall surrounding their country, it’s probably safe to assume that answer is “No”.







And something good on the calendar in these parts is the 13 th NC PATCON in Tarboro over the weekend of June 2nd.  Make your plans to attend and send your money into Brock ASAP.