February FTX commences at 1500Z on the 24th at Training Area North and runs thru 1600 on the 25th.  Training Topics include how to keep your gear dry in wet conditions.  The Aerographer says all bets are off on what the weather might be.  Still a little sloshy in these parts with the three inches of rain we’ve had in the past six weeks.  Not including that ten inch snow we had.  Been 20 degrees above normal for over a week. And the long-term temperature map shows a huge mass of -30F air sitting over the Parry Channel just waiting for the next Siberian Express to pull down this way in March.  Aahhh…  Springtime!








For starters, while we’re sitting around in 70F shirt-sleeve weather,  this picture is either the new guy on the team getting the roof watch while the rest of the team is down stairs taking his picture, or this is the new guy on the team getting the roof watch doing his best to distract you from the rest of the team who are watching you.  Your guess.  Choose wisely.


A small item of kit we’re about to test out this FTX is a molle pouch from Mission Darkness.  Under $100 from Amazon.  Holds a goodly bit of your necessary items, especially for those with nomophobia.  The new phones are made such that it’s rather inconvenient, if not impossible,  to remove the battery to insure that Little Pocket Devil (LPD)  is really off.  This bag hopefully will put an end to your LPD’s ability to squeal on you, if only temporarily.  Does Schrödinger’s Paradox hold true for LPD’s?



Currently, it’s a buyers market for guns and ammo.  Most dealers have on hand all those wonderguns from HK, CZ, Glock, RIA, Remington, and Taurus.  Even the DSA SA58 is on the shelf waiting for you to pick it up.  A man’s rifle right out of the box. (Note: there are no man’s rifles available in Calif.)




Speaking of small arms, the U. S Army is at it again.  “Envisioning the Deep Future of Small Arms 2022 to 2042”, by the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army, Mary J. Miller.  Essentially the notes of a one day  B.S. session on small arms development and deployment around the supposition, “If we had something better than we have right now, could we do this type of mission differently in the future, maybe even better?”. 






Every page has the phrase “Technological Overmatch” in a way that screams “If we use made up meaningless jargon and use it a lot, it will sound like we’ve hit on the next Advanced Combat Rifle.”  Hope this conference didn’t cost a lot of money.  Despite this report, the Marines are toying with the H&K M27 as their designated Improved Automatic Rifle.  Claims to have a farther effective range (by 10%) over the M16A4 variant, plus a fully automatic fire feature, and a gas piston system.  So, oh hell yeah, bring back “spray and pray” with an over penetrating round for ground fighting in the mega-cities wars of the future.  Have we learned anything from the last 60 years of combat?  Your guess is as good as mine.  But you can have either the  DSA SA58 above or two Century Arms C39 rifles (see below) and the bad guys won’t need a medic.  If your Squad Tactics depends on everyone playing machine gunner, and you didn’t bring actual machine guns –  with crew support, then you’re playing video games again.  Where’s my soapbox?







A final note, on the subject of keeping small arms.  Way back in 2008, maybe 2009, when the N.C. Ranger Corps were starting to get their act together state-wide, we were making fun of the videos put out by the Southern Michigan Volunteer Militia. The most referenced one was where they each in turn would hurriedly round the corner of some building or tree, fire a shot from their trusty AR’s and say, “We will not support the New World Order!”,  or something along those lines.  They were a premier militia, with a large membership,  who dearly held up the  scenario that the U.N was planning on sending in troopies, in those cute blue helmets, that were then going to round up all us gun-toting incorrigibles, and load us into those train cars headed to FEMA camps for internment and re-education.  Or worse.


Well here we are, ten years later, and we’re still not in the U.N.’s internment camps.  But we have learned of the Globalists that are behind it all, pushing their agenda in all four corners of the world.  Europe, Africa, South America, and here in the U.S. of A.  It’s difficult to see, when those things they do in all these places look different.  But they all point here, towards us, with the full intent to marginalize then replace us.  Water down the ideas that are the foundation of western civilization until they are gone and forgotten.  A new age of opportunity for them.  The trail into obscurity of the Neanderthals for us.  Maybe the Southern Michigan Volunteer Militia weren’t that wrong after all.  One good example:





One good answer, in the form of Christmas humor:



    And happy St. Valentine’s Day.