FTF for November will be held at 1400 on the 26th in the park.  The major topic for discussion will be the 2018 Training Schedule.  Somehow we need to work in more of the things we had fun with this past year AND work on those things that we struggled with AND not go to four FTX’s each month.




Deer season (gun season anyway) just opened.  Opening day was really cold but windless.  Way too many people are waiting all year to hunt on this one day and not making the time to practice their hunting and shooting skills.  Trail cameras are worth every penny and should be put out in August right after your deer food plots get cleaned and planted.  In these parts, bucks will get noticeable antlers in August, and does have fawns three or four times each year.  Scrapes and rubs can be easily found in September.  The Wildlife Commission estimates there are a million deer in the state and hunters spend $300 million each year hunting them. Both Alamance and Caswell Counties are estimated to have deer populations of over 45 animals per square mile.  Trail cameras  show there are three herds that regularly make their circuit here around the lake.  One has 3 generations of does with one young buck and one old buck.  Healthy critters all.




Poor planning still makes for poor performance.  Never forget there are many other animals living along that creek near the pond.



And one missed shot may be all you get some days.





Some folk like to go four-wheeling down the forest roads scouting the deer trails.  “Keep the shiny side up!” is hard to do in the very early light some days.




In other news……. back around Halloween, what started off as a sophomoric prank took on a life of its own, apparently hitting a nerve on some college and university commons.  The backlash was unpredictably off the scale and only added hilarity to the episode.  The socialists can be so entertaining some days.





Meanwhile, in Poland, they were celebrating their 100th National Independence Day.  A yearly event, but this year took place just after the very well received visit from President Trump.  The 60,000 person march by Poland’s far-right was spectacular to say the least.  And there-in lies another lesson to be learned.  Study it well.  There will be a test later.  Tommy Robinson can’t do it all by himself.









And even more recently, a group of European intellectuals published a conservative manifesto with 36 tenets defending ‘old Europe’ and its values, and it was posted over at Zerohedge.  Very much worth the read.  You can start at the end, then work your way back up to the top.

36. We must take responsibility.

In this moment, we ask all Europeans to join us in rejecting the utopian fantasy of a multicultural world without borders. We rightly love our homelands, and we seek to hand on to our children every noble thing that we have ourselves received as our patrimony. As Europeans, we also share a common heritage, and this heritage asks us to live together in peace as a Europe of nations. Let us renew national sovereignty, and recover the dignity of a shared political responsibility for Europe’s future.


This seems like a logical evolution of several speeches made by Kai Murros starting back in 2010 in Moscow.  He deserves more credit for taking the lead on this subject with his classic style speeches.






Eventually – eventually we will be standing at the head of this footpath, here in these parts, that the Europeans have tread for many years.  The luxury of ignoring these problems (and there are many) has evaporated.  Or just maybe, we’re already a ways up that path.