October FTX will begin at 1200 on the 28th at Training Area North and run thru the 29th at 1500. Subjects to cover are radio communications as a function of small unit tactics and movement, Recon Patrol, and of course more Map and Compass work with Land-Nav.  HF and VHF Communications will be set up so we can get back into routine communications.  Our Aerographer is predicting a soggy weekend starting about sundown, so would be good to bring a hat.


The fuss and mess in Iraq and Syria, which some of you are very familiar with, is once again winding down to rest on its laurels thinking that there is finally an end to the mission in sight.  Just a little review of nearly 40 years of history will tell you otherwise.  Of all places, USA Today has a piece explaining how al-Qaeda and ISIS are moving to where their work is easier.  Egypt, Libya, Chad, Nigeria, Mali.  Might want to dig out your old maps of Mogadishu.  And of course around that “secret drone base” in Niger from where most of the drone strikes over the past five years in the area originate.




If you believe in coincidences, the 33rd annual Joint Land, Air and Sea Strategic Special Program (JLASS-SP) gamed a future scenario of this very thing just last year.  Set not that far off in the year 2023, the Lincoln Tunnel gets truck bombed from both ends during morning rush.  Over a thousand people killed or injured. The usual suspects take credit.  By mid-June we’re landing an expeditionary force in Mauritania, and we’re off to the races again.  Links and even more details via The Intercept.




Travel to our regional warzone known as Washington, D. C., is again cautioned against the first week in November.  According to many sources over the past few months, “The violent Commie group plans a “day of riots” on November 4th, to “forcibly remove” President Trump from office.”  Make some popcorn and get ready to be entertained.  Northern California Regional Intelligence Center report (Unclassified)  from Public Intelligence.