August FTX will commence at 0900 on the 26th and run thru 1600 on the 27th at Training Area North.  Items for review are LandNav and the new maps, Gear Selections, PT, and the schedule for the new year.




The big local W4GG repeater has been down since early spring when several storms and a tornado ended it’s 15 of year service.  To raise money for a new one the  Guilford Amateur Society radio club has a “GoFundMe” page set up on their site to take your donations.  The repeater is part of the Piedmont Costal Repeater linking system and covers a good 50+ mile radius from it’s location near the top of the WFMY TV 2 tower.




Max Velocity is raffling off a DBAL-I2 infrared laser to raise money for a 40 foot Team Cabin being build up at his training facility.  Tickets are $50 each.  Not bad for a $800 device.






An interesting story at  ZeroGov talks about the current fighting formations centered around the M249 and M240B general purpose machine guns.  With a range up to 1200 yards for the M240, a single gun emplacement can cover a lot of area before it runs out of ammunition.  It is mentioned that in Afghanistan, the option to end run around it and come up from behind is often the end of that gun emplacement, and how this might be another training scenario opportunity for civilian groups who might be considering their options for bad times here in the homeland in the future.




But another option to consider is using a drone.  Recently a cheap civilian drone was used to deliver a single thermite grenade into an arms depot at Balakliya in the Ukraine, causing  a billion dollars worth of damage.  Currently, there are $500 drones available that will use GPS coordinates to fly to a designated point of your choosing and also has a “follow mode” to keep up with a person or slow-moving vehicle for the 20 minutes of available flying time, and still carry the two-pound grenade.   The standard off the shelf AN-M14 Thermite Grenade might be had locally for under $50.  Careful use of this combination could quickly shorten the utility of a M240 gun emplacement and it’s ammunition.






Finally, take a look at recent developments in Venezuela.  Bad as it looks, they’re far from hitting bottom.  Yes, Socialism just might work if you go at it hard enough, seems to be the thinking.  This could be us in just 5 to 10 years.  And in Europe, take your pick of countries.  The people are struggling to keep their culture from extinction at the hands of their own governments that are bringing in millions of third world immigrant/refugees/what ever you want to call them.  And it is a major crime to say anything negative about these immigrants.  Even the police bury the details of most crimes committed by their new-found population.  How can you possibly put an end to all that, short of having a revolution in Europe?  And before the Olympics return to France in 2024?  And how might that be different from when the Muslims were “expelled” from Spain at the end of the 15th century?  And what will we do to avoid the same fate?  Why is our government ensuring we follow the same path of “cultural enrichment”?



Read this from The Gates of Vienna — “Westernity Matters”.