North Carolina Patriot’s Convention number eleven was held outside of Tarboro, N.C. at Dixieland between 31MAY and 4JUN this year.  There were about three dozen in attendance.  Surprisingly, a good portion of those were former U.S. Army personnel.




Forgot my boxes of good bottled water.  This is locally made in Alamance County and the quality of the plastic bottles contributes greatly to the long-term good taste of the water.  Don’t leave home without it next time.



This idea will be better demonstrated at the Fall PATCON, where Friday will be devoted to an all-day communications event.  There has been some talk in the past about holding a ham ticket cram class and  exam event, since there are enough Extra Class operators to hold one.  We’ll see if it gets pulled together and promoted with enough advance notice for everyone.  Soft dates are 5 – 8 OCT.  Until then, you can read this background story from Warrior Capitalists that was posted on Mason Dixon Tactical and set your course accordingly.





Topics discussed were the “10 Week Plan to Prepare for a Worst Case Scenario for Beginners” from DTG and a simplified 5-point version from J. C. Dodge.  Also discussed was “OCOKA – Its uses for Neighborhood Protection and Basic Self Defense”, presented by Jim Zucker and  tied into the book, “A Failure of Civility”.   Different forms of communications and the radio gear to make it happen was presented by Brushbeater.  Learned you can do a lot with just battery operated equipment.  Finally, Peter White headed up the round table discussion on where we are currently, and things we can do in the near future.  An event that usually gets a good amount of ideas contributed by the attendees.


The raffle had many good items again this time.  Some .223 and 9 mm boxed ammo.  A mighty fine carbine and scope along with some extras.  A Baofeng handheld radio.  And three copies of “A Failure of Civility”, by Garand and Lawson,  that is almost unobtainable these days.


So another great PATCON .  A great place to meet people and talk about ideas.  Thanks to Brushbeater, Jim, and Pete for putting on a good show, and thanks to Brock for hosting everyone again at Dixieland.