June FTX will commence at 1200 on 24JUN and run until 1500 on 25JUN at Training Area North.  This is the same weekend as ARRL Field Day 2017 and presents a good opportunity to practice some field day radio skills, while we work on Mapping and Land-Nav.  Hot weather is upon us which means everything that flys, buzzes, walks, crawls, or slithers will be around camp day and night.  The occasional unpredictable summer thunderstorm might also be in the works.  Plan accordingly.


An old document worth perusing:  FM21-75 Scouting, Patrolling and Sniping,  from February 1944.   Lessons learned from those who did it.  Of course, you can always say, “All wars are different”.  But basically, they shoot at you, and you shoot at them, and you hope you do a better job of it than them.  Sure, the where and when might change, but the Valkyries are always watching.




“You’ve got to kill people, and when you’ve killed enough they stop fighting.”

General Curtis LeMay





Lastly, for all the militia units out there that live and breathe on FaceBook,  just stop it,  and take a look at these guys in Georgia.  Or rather how the media portrays them, which is, ummmm, “Fair and Balanced”, shall we say?  Never could understand why on God’s green earth anyone would post details on exactly what they do, with pictures of them doing it, complete with names, wearing name tags,  and the places,  and their gear, and the equipment they were using, and then expect some news outlet not to twist it around beyond all recognition and then use cheap filler as “reliable” background information from the likes of the SPLC, Morris Dees, and some flakey professor from Boston who writes “opinion articles” on militias without ever meeting a single person from one of the many militia groups from around the country.  “There are now an estimated 165 militias in the U.S., according to Ryan Lenz, a senior investigative reporter with the Southern Poverty Law Center.”  Malarkey.  There are over 100 units in this state alone.  So do you think there are really only 50 other militia units in the other 49 states combined, or do these people just plain don’t have a clue?  So what are you supposed to do when approached by someone who might be from the media wanting to do “an interview  for something they’re currently working on”?  Your unit does have a Public Information Officer, right?