April FTX will commence at 1200 on the 22nd and run thru 1600 on the 23rd at Training Area North.  Subjects to review include  SALUTE Reports, some common knots,  and terrain map reading.  In winter time, terrain features are less concealed.  This is spring time and the surrounding terrain changes in appearance as the foliage and brush returns to full growth.  Using a terrain map will show where certain features are when they might otherwise go undiscovered.




The third part in a series at ITS Tactical, 4 Steps to Collect, Analyze and Make Intelligence Work for You, briefly covers these points:



Identify Your Environment

Explore Your Environment and its Effects

Understand the Threat Environment

Anticipate the Threats



Most of this can be found in more detail in  FM 34-130.  Solid advice when looking at your AO.


Always good to know  that the National Counterterrorism  Center has slightly modified their view of “Home Grown Violent Extremists”.  NCTC  Bulletin can be found here at Public Intelligence.



(U//FOUO) A Homegrown Violent Extremist (HVE) is a violent extremist of any citizenship who has lived and/or operated primarily in the United States or its territories, and who is acting independently of the direction of a foreign terrorist organization (FTO). Because HVEs are acting to further the goals of an FTO, they are considered foreign intelligence threats under the authorities of both the Intelligence Community and domestic public safety entities.



Worth reading the 36 pages maybe.






Also this past month, Max has been running his Combat Leader Course.  Max is currently running this week-long class only once a year, but after reading this Class AAR, that may change to twice a year, maybe more.  The main thrust of the Combat Leader Course is:  


“This is an infantry combat leader class designed to teach you leadership, decision making, and the planning and the execution of combat missions at the team and squad level. There are in fact no training prerequisites for those coming from alternative tactical training backgrounds.  There is also the option to attend as a rifleman with no command responsibility.”


Max has offered quite a selection of training courses for a number of year now and this may become another premier class to attend for those developing leadership roles in their units.  Your are developing leadership positions in your units aren’t you?





Finally, NC PATCON 11 will commence on 31MAY and run thru 5JUN.  Should be another  good program this time around, and as always the local Bar-B-Que is top-notch.