March FTX will begin at 1200 on the 25th at Training Area North and run thru the 26th at 1500. Subjects to cover are radio communications as a function of small unit tactics and movement, Recon Patrol, and of course more Map and Compass work with Land-Nav.  Bring your side-arm as our Aerographer is trying to conjure up some fair weather for the weekend.



Radio propagation has been pretty good on 40 and 80m this past month.  A good amount of traffic on the Coastal Carolina Emergency Net.  Have yet to check in to Tar Heel Emergency Net.  Both ideal for working NVIS on 75m. 




Band conditions are found on many places, but this one is quick and updates every five minutes.  Plus, it’s got a link to some web-based SDR sites, which is good when you’re away from your radio.





Last month,  the RSA security conference was held in San Francisco, CA.  One item of interest is the Yubi Key, a USB device made for two-factor authentication as an extra security measure on your log-in accounts. It contains your security key in either RSA-4096 or ECC p384 and has both FIPS 140 and FIDO  certifications.  Not bad for $40.



And speaking of extra security measures, Wikileaks released documentation, called Vault 7,  of a very extensive set of software tools used to breach  the smartphones, tablets, and laptop computers that everyone uses everyday.  There are real software companies that develop these little programs and sell them, and not just to the CIA and NSA.  Just another example of the massive collusion between the device manufacturers and these government and non-government organizations to collect every scrap of information that they can get to in the name of making the country safer. 







And even though the encryption of applications like Signal remains intact, some of these tools will access your information before it gets processed thru Signal.  How often does your device perform app and system updates, yet nothing looks or acts differently?  What really is in those updates?  Especially the ones that require you to reboot.  You should really be paranoid enough by now to be compartmentalizing your communications and data and taking measures to know what’s going on with your second favorite little friend.




Going to be a busy summer.  NC PATCON 11 is just three months away.  Long term,  in the worst case scenario, we have less than four years to prepare for a really wild time if the Progressives come back into power.  They are already organized in many ways to keep making the country unsettled and ungovernable.  It’s a very good time to inventory your “bullets, beans and bandages” and get on top of that training program that you know you’ve got to do.