January FTX will commence at 1000 hrs on the 28th and end 1500 hrs on the 29th.  This covers most of the operating window for Winter Field Day.



This should be a good opportunity to test out our new antennas and radio gear.  And we already have an established ARES group in the county.



This falls in to the category of being technically and tactically proficient.  Story at ITS Tactical here.





More topics in the category of proficiency we need to work on this year than will be listed here right now.


Some bit of kit that would help keep our tactical electronics gear running  is the small solar panels made by Core Third.  A 10W solar panel coupled with a 10,000 mAh power bank would go a long way to maintaining some essential electronics charged up and running.  Might have to do something about the Ferrari Red accents on the solar panel frame, though, just to subdue the visuals while deployed.





Another excellent piece of gear, that Santa forgot to bring me this year, is the Load Bearing Chest Vest made by our good buddies at London Bridge Trading.  As with nearly anything from LBT, it’s a little expensive at $450.  Lifetime warranty might mean something to you optimists.   All pouches have both hook and loop closures and fastex buckles, so you could tape over the velcro when you needed to and still be GTG.  There are many good chest rigs for half the price, like the Special Operations Rig from Max just up the road.





Nor did Santa bring me the Rabbit Gun from Hell that we’d all love to have.






Also, something you can wear for those little shopping trips to town when a chest rig might not be appropriate is the new anti-surveillance clothing in the Face-Recognition pattern from Hyphen Labs.  This pattern was shown at the C3 conference in Hamburg.  Facial recognition software is running in many places these days, including that little smartphone you carry everywhere, and has evolved into a fairly mature product.  Thing is, it’s still pretty specialized to do just one job, and this type of fabric pattern should really give those surveillance cameras something to happily work on.





In the early 1960’s we were “involved” with a counterinsurgency effort in South Vietnam.  (Yes, that’s a crass over-simplification)  Some of this was directed towards improving village agricultural conditions in the Central Highlands,  while at the same time trying to collect information on VC and NVA infiltration into the mountainous border areas.  Heading up this program was the CIA and the Military Assistance Command Vietnam (MACV).  To accomplish this, around 70 men from Fort Bragg’s 5th Special Forces Group set up operations in Saigon and later moved out into the country.  A lot of very specific information on how this progressed to setting up the MACV Recondo School located at Nha Trang in this Civilian Irregular Defense Group report.  Very good reading, and maybe only of interest to us “old guys with bad feet”, yet leads to the question “Could this be the basis for organizing a similar operation here these days?”  Read it here.







And while you’re reading, waiting for all this snow and ice to melt away (projected to be 67 degrees Thursday),  the Intelligence Community Assessment from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence on Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent US Elections can be found in pdf form over on the sidebar.  It’s sad actually, because these kind of reports used to mean something, even in their unclassified and redacted forms.  This one is little more than a wild mix of whining and sour grapes.  Lacks the time stamps, and the IP addresses, and the trace routes, and the sample scripts that one might expect from all the hoopla pushed by the MSM pointing the finger at President Putin himself for directing hacking efforts to derail the presidential election process this past year.  Even with all the leaked information that has come out, not a bit of it has been implied to be incorrect as to names, places, times and dollar amounts.  Creates a lot of doubt as to the caliber of the current staff of bureaucrats sitting behind the Workstations (now A-Space).










Finally, a short article on 4GW, that details how plenty of 4GW operations are already underway, and we’re just on the receiving end.  Very important to survey current events before launching your own 4GW programs.  From there, a Kipling reference.


The Stranger within my gates,

He may be evil or good,

But I cannot tell what powers control–

What reasons sway his mood;

Nor when the Gods of his far-off land

Shall repossess his blood.


 –The Stranger, Kipling