No FTX this month.  It’s December and we’ll take the extra time to work on family and community.  Church and service.  Observing traditions keeps the connection between generations on common values.  Unwind from the election stress, and see where our inventories need a little re-supply. 






And remember, our role and mission parameters did not change with the general elections, but some of the possible scenarios might have to be re-prioritized.


Miyamoto wrote in his book,  A book of Five Rings, “If you do not look at things on a large scale it will be difficult for you to master strategy. If you learn and attain this strategy you will never lose even to twenty or thirty enemies. More than anything to start with you must set your heart on strategy and earnestly stick to the Way. You will come to be able to actually beat men in fights, and to be able to win with your eye. Also by training you will be able to freely control your own body, conquer men with your body, and with sufficient training you will be able to beat ten men with your spirit.”


500 years later, William Lind wrote nearly the same thing in 4th Generation Warfare Handbook, a reference to light infantry mentality.  “The light infantryman is characterized by his mental resourcefulness and physical toughness.  Light infantry’s inborn self-reliance, reinforced by hard training, convinces the light infantryman that he is capable of overcoming the most difficult situations that combat presents.  Light infantrymen do not feel defeated when surrounded, isolated or confronted by superior forces.  They are able to continue performing their duties and pursue their objectives for long periods of time without any type of comfort or logistical support, usually obtaining what they require from the land or the enemy.  They are neither physically or psychologically tied to the rear by a need to maintain open lines of communications.   Their tactics do not depend on supporting arms.  This attitude of self-confidence and  self-reliance provides light infantry a psychological advantage over its opponents.”


The 2017  training schedule is finally completed.  Let’s see what we find along the way.





Oh, and disregard the stories in the news about the Russians  hacking us.  Our buddy Vladimir says they are not.  “At least, not to the same extent that your own government is hacking you every day.” (Russian humor).  It’s a matter of scale.  It’s a matter of principle.  It’s a matter of time.