November FTF will be at 1400 on the 27th in the park. Items for discussion are Christmas dinner and the Training Schedule for next year.



There was a five-minute video that came out of the Pentagon’s Joint Special Operations University, produced by the U. S. Army, that again speaks of the “complexity” of ground operations in Mega-Cities. Not sure if they’re warning of the next stage in their games or promoting  specific programs they’d like to see implemented. But over all, any ground operation, regardless of size, had better plan on some major Divine intervention when they have to go into a city like everyone’s favorite Karachi, or Sao Paulo / Rio, or even Mexico City. Just look up Stalingrad – WWII. In the six-month battle, there was a total of nearly 2 million killed, wounded or captured, and over 5000 tanks destroyed along with 20,000 artillery pieces. Probably wouldn’t be the same today as no one has the belly for that level of fighting anymore. Note for the insurgency notebook: chaos can be a great equalizer and your friend.









Speaking of chaos, the 33rd Chaos Communications Congress will be held during the last week in December at the Congress Centrum in Hamburg. This convention is comparable to Black Hat 2017 in Las Vegas the last week in July, or DEFCON 25 being held at the same time. All three sites have links to information from last year’s convention, in case you didn’t get to go to any of them. They are surprisingly well-organized, with very well-behaved attendees, during the meetings anyway. After hours, they’re hackers. You figure it out. The global map of cyber attacks can be watched in real-time at Norse Corp’s website. And remember, sometimes Anonymous is our friend.







Homework for this month:

Someone out in Oregon convinced the TYR Group to come out and run the 5-day Small Unit Tactics Rural Reconnaissance & Surveillance course back in May, and then they made a 15 minute AAR video about it. Looks like that group almost didn’t need the training, they were already that good. The rural conditions out in Oregon isn’t that much different from around these parts. You need to watch this one several times.















Winter Camp Fire