September FTX will commence at 1000 on the 24th and run thru 1500 on the 25th. Topics to discuss are water purification methods and useful knot tying. This will be the weekend before NC PATCON. Anyone planning on attending needs to send Brock your monies today or sooner.

Hurricane activity has increased this month, so it would be a good time to review your emergency plans for your families. The Emergency Plan forms can be had from FEMA.  It’s a good thing to plan ahead.  Make a plan, and then practice that plan to make sure it works for you.






Just last month, Germany’s Defense Minister called upon all Germans to stockpile food and water in case of an attack or catastrophe. “The population will be obliged to hold an individual supply of food for ten days.”   A Concept for Civil Defense.  Great that things are going so remarkably well here that our government actually discourages anyone from keeping a supply of food and water.   Just a thought.




Germany Tells Citizens: Stockpile Food and Water


If you need some help figuring your way thru short-term preparedness, there is a good reference recently from George Patton.






If you think your best option is to just get as far away as possible from your part of the world that may be headed  into the mud, Matt Bracken wrote several years ago about why these times are the best ever to find you a good used sailboat and spend some time exploring your options on the water.  Potentially less stressful and no lawn to mow.  


Here’s a good place to start if you already have some skills.  40 footer, already in Florida.  $50,000.  Not perfect but good enough to get underway.



Morgan Out Island 41 foot




An important piece of gear to consider, if you’re about to go wandering about, is an upgrade to your precious and indispensable little smart phone.  Planning ahead dictates you take a look at a SatPhone.  Lots of uses and no roaming charges in the whole world.  A little iffy os signal as you travel nearer the poles.  You weren’t planning on camping out near McMurdo Bay anyway. A pdf put out for First Responders outlining the capabilities and sensibilities of carrying one of these little gems is worth the read.  Voice, text, and your own wi-fi hotspot when you’re in a tight spot.  They call them “Instant Infrastructure” for a reason, and well worth the small price as insurance against the unexpected.






Just remember that events can unfold quickly and change for the worse, or the better, in a big way.



Original Assault Rifle



Even if you’re heading for other parts on a boat, it’s still a good idea to have a good pack to have your gear organized for that occasional overnight excursion ashore.  The current Gear Tasting video at ITS Tactical has a short review on the  LBT 1476A-V2 pack with a detachable sustainment pack  from London Bridge Trading.  A great place to shop when you have an unlimited budget.  
 2016-09-04 14-05-34


For comparison, the new standard issue backpack that lets you carry even more of your stuff deep into third world hell-holes is the Improved Load Bearing Equipment backpack.    Might make surplus MOLLE equipment a little cheaper if everyone starts buying these new style packs.  Looks like it goes against current wisdom of packing less and gaining some mobility.  How much stuff do you really want to lug around for the next 20 km and then have to actually do something that requires your brain when you get there?



Speaking of training, our buddy Max is finally leveraging his extensive professional training and experience into  a premium, subscriber service on the web.  Pontificating  (for free) on the web takes a lot of his time that would be better spent training  at his camp.  Low level basic stuff can be had from a lot of good sources (for free).  We’ve done that here for years.  The premium, hands-on, and you might actually get dirty and sweaty and not get to play with your phone every ten minutes sort of stuff isn’t available just anywhere, anytime, for everybody with a RealTree camo hat.  Rural  Buddy Team training at Mason Dixon Tactical and Combat Team Tactics and Combat Patrol training from Max are pretty much the “Gold Standard”, short of going back to Fort Benning for a couple months.  Maybe not for everybody, but for those serious about their training, make this a priority while it’s still available.





Not an Assault Rifle