It’s  a bit hypnotizing to watch another big American city burn for three nights with race riots, and Europe implode under the pressure of the invading horde of Muslims, and the MSM totally spewing propaganda over the Presidential election.  This has all been in the making for quite some time.  The reason for Community Preparedness Teams, Mutual Assistance Groups, and Militias incredible growth over the past couple of decades has been because many people can see where this road leads  and want to be ahead of the curve of this country’s  disintegration.   The time to kick back and enjoy the ‘bread and circuses’ is long gone.  You probably will admit you don’t have enough ammo or supplies to get thru the next 10 years of revolution.  You can make the most of what you have by working on increasing your INTEL base and making good plans.


In William Lind’s 4th Generation Warfare Handbook, there is a short chapter called  “Light Infantry Training Objectives”.  The differences between standard Army Line Infantry and 4GW Light Infantry is described as mostly one of pacing.


Patience:  The need for patience is, perhaps, the greatest difference between light infantry and line infantry.  Light infantry operations proceed much more slowly, primarily due to the requirement for light infantry to operate stealthily.  It takes time to discover targets, reconnoiter suitable ambush sites, and move covertly.  Training must reflect this.


Speed:  While setting up a light infantry action requires patience, when action occurs, it must be over fast, before the enemy can react. The light infantry then normally goes covert again.  Decision-making in the light infantry is also characterized by speed.  Light infantry leaders must be prepared to react immediately to unforeseen situations with changes in their plans.  They seldom have the luxury of other forces coming to their rescue.  They cannot afford to be pinned down physically or mentally.  Snap decisions often mean the difference between success and failure.  Delaying a decision once action commences is usually dangerous.


“Jager” mindset:  Light infantrymen are hunters on the battlefield and every effort should be made to impress this upon new members of the unit.  All hunters require fieldcraft of a high order.  Light infantry should hunt enemies the same way they hunt game.


In a later chapter, Lind lists these light infantry training objectives as flexibility, weapons proficiency, learning to operate patiently, stealth and stalking, survival training, and physical fitness.  And also sections of land-nav, surveillance, and medical training.  Starting to sound familiar?




Russia is once again moving along the Ukrainian border and into Crimea.  Map and details over at Institute for the Study of War.  There is still the rumblings around Donbass area and separatists that Russia could care less about if they weren’t operating too closely to their important Black Sea bases in Crimea.   There is a whole lot of movement of men and equipment by air, land and sea.  Worked pretty well last time.   And when you get a look at the local militias, they are doing the same dumb things we see with militias here.  They make radio pouches for a reason.





And not too far away from the Black Sea region, Russia recently made some arrangement with Iran for  temporary forward staging at the airfield in Hamadan.  From there the Tu-22M3 bombers fly less than 1000 km to get to Syria, flying straight over Iraq.  Round trip —  about an hour.  The Tu-22 is a little bigger than our old F-111 and a bit smaller than our old B-1B, that we still fly over there regularly.  Round trip — about 15 hours.






But before you get too worried about the #2 competitor for the Super Power of the World title, there is this quick summary, from Russia, about how they’re not interested in risking their new-found successes in capitalism by starting any large-scale wars with the West.  Business is good when you’re swimming in a glut of oil.


And this is where this long-winded lecture is going:  our country has been sputtering around with an overall strategy plan from George Kennan based on a post WWII world view.  The military has castrated anyone that could clearly espouse the role of the U.S. military on the world stage.  What that has left is short termed political/special interest efforts to steer the small twists and turns of foreign policy and trade agreements that are not built with the purpose of positioning the U.S. on solid ground internationally.  Domestically, those same political/special interest efforts are working to dumb down the populace through a culture war.  This is the biggest threat to anyone wanting to preserve  American ideals.    What are we doing to stop that?   This is the time for 4th Generation Warfare and  we need to choose our battles wisely.  As Regan  pointed out back in the spring of 1961,



“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”