Recently found this site developed at Joint Base Lewis McChord near Lakewood, Washington, called Operational Environment  Training Support Center.  Looks to be two years old, maybe a little older.  Uses special software to make training modules for modern Army soldiers, recognizing that many new recruits spent way too much of their youth in the America’s Army videogame.   Probably works efficiently enough and nobody has to go outside in the fresh air and sunshine and get all dirty and sweaty actually doing anything.  The uniforms are always spotlessly clean and nobody has to die trying.    Since these modules are filled  with essential basic training concepts, and good enough for the Army to spend $145 million developing this training platform, maybe they deserve  a little looking at when they can be had for free and without any long-term contractual involvement with the Recruiter.  So there are a few links to YouTube videos over on the sidebar under the heading of OE TSC TRADOC G2.