April FTX will commence at 1000 on the 23rd and run thru 1400 on the 24th at Training Area North, OP1.  Topics to be covered include First Line Gear and IFAKS.  Hopefully, we can start timed drills for the FBI Pistol Qualification test.  Video for that drill down on the list of Training Videos.



N.C. PATCON this summer is  1 – 6 JUNE.  Our participation this year will include a short course on maps and compass work at the beginners level.   Will be using the U.S.G.S Wayah Bald quad map that is referenced in Dan Morgans series, “The Patrol”,  just so there is a bit of realism to the navigation aspect.  Links to that series down at the bottom of the sidebar.




Brunton TruArc3 Compass

No, this isn’t even in  the slightest bit a Land-Nav course, except to help prepare people for that journey.  Not enough to even earn you that Boy Scout Orienteering Merit Badge.  Go buy yourself a good compass and sign-up for a beginners weekend course in Land-Nav after you get good with these basics.   There are several trainers throughout the state and even Dan Morgan himself runs a weekend course for a fair price.  There can be no reason for not getting good at this skill.  It is amazingly exciting when you’re really lost, even just for a little while, but it’s always just another opportunity to demonstrate your superior fieldcraft skills.




From Defensive Training Group on that subject:

Fieldcraft is a set of tactical skills and methods each NPT member requires to operate stealthily, which may be applied in various ways in hours of darkness or inclement weather throughout the year.
For NPT members, fieldcraft skills include camouflage, land navigation, knowing and being able to apply the difference between concealment from view and cover from small arms’ fire when choosing fighting positions, using the terrain and its features to mask NPT movement, obstacle crossing, selecting good firing positions, patrol base positions, effective observation, detecting enemy-fire direction and range, survival, evasion, and escape techniques.  Expertise in fieldcraft is only possible by spending the time, effort, and attention to detail in long hours of training and practice on a consistent basis.


Max teaches a good Land-Nav course at his hillside training camp too.  Short version here:


And a good enough compass would be something like this $35 Silva Ranger.

 Silva Ranger CL


Get outside and practice these skills every chance you get, then start teaching some one else.



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