After listening to the podcast from Sam over at Forward Observer, we are reminded of the urgency to fill one of those billets that no one has officially volunteered  to take.  Namely, the job of Public Information Officer.  In the case of some major regional event where we get that opportunity to participate, there will eventually be curious people with many questions  that will require clear and thoughtful answers that would be best provided by a single point of contact.  This is the bread and butter job of a Public Information Officer, because, as is often the case, your CO and XO will already have their hands full. 


So in order to cultivate this skill among our ranks, and we each should have a minimum competency in this area, we have a recommended place to start working on this, at your earliest possible convenience.  Once again, our well-organized buddies at FEMA have a short online training class called IS-29.  And just to get those clear and thoughtful answers figured out a little in advance, an Emergency Operations Plan from Fictitious County contains guidelines for many possible scenarios.   Down load  and look it over.   We’ll go over this at the next FTX.  The good thing about being part of a large Militia is that we are loosely organized as disjointed and dispersed cells  and all share a common set of plans.  Public Information Officer can be thought of as RECON in possibly hostile territory, but with a high probability to win the  hearts and minds in our AO.  It’s just as important as all the other jobs we do and we need to do it well.


Sword of the Warrior