February FTX will commence at 1000 on the 27th.  Report to Observation Post 1 near Training Area North with your gear.  On the schedule is a briefing on the revised Operational Guidelines as well as the training schedule for the rest of the year.  If we get the regular snow storm as predicted, then we may have to roll forward into March.




During January FTX we did make some more 3/4 wave J-pole antennas and did some testing with one of the 2-meter repeaters in the southern part of the county, about 18 miles away as the crow flies.  Had a few reports that they had a bit of white noise in them, but still a good enough signal.  Surprisingly, the 1/4 wave field portable antenna we built from Brushbeaters design had the best signal with full quieting and a really solid signal. Not bad for some old wooden dowel rods and lamp cord scraps hauled up about 20 feet in a tree.  Will make a few more next month because it looks like a handy thing to have out here in the sticks anyway.   Easy to take apart and move when you’re mobile.   Ignore that blazing white marine grade coax going up to it.  That’s just the cable we had for testing. 



Field Portable Antenna B



Starting with everyone’s favorite, LandNav, there is a short article at ITS Tactical on their very own LandNav Starter Pack.




It contains a UTM Scale and some guides on map symbols, grid coordinates and using your GPS, along with some stuff to make your own pace count beads, in case you don’t already have a set.  Just add your own compass and you’ll be good to go.





Something you might consider adding to your standard loadout of gear is Thrym’s CellVault, a handy storage tube for a few spare batteries for those important little things we all need.



Reviewed by those little guys over at BreachBangClear, including the link to Thrym’s website.




While you’re there, read Cowan’s “Open Letter to American Citizens“.




The Second Amendment is not about your permission slip to go  hunting and sports shooting out here at Training Area North, remember?


And speaking of shooting sports out here at Training Area North, my favorite “sport” of long-range shooting gets a good once over in an older article back at ITS Tactical.  Out in Texas, where they have room to shoot, you’ll find Rifles Only’s  precision rifle training camp in Kingsville.  And they’re very good at bringing out the pipe hitter in you.  We don’t have anywhere near that kind of facility in these parts  mostly because of our terrain, but you can read the story and think about how making that 200 yard shot here is something easy compared to the 600 yard moving targets they shoot at Rifles Only.  See that berm out at 400 yards in the  top center of this picture?  Those are the easy shots for beginners on day one.  And you’ll notice everyone brought their suppressor, just to be good neighbors.  Much easier to get around here nowadays, but  not any cheaper.





Finally, Virgil Caine wrote a story I believe is directed squarely at us and most other Militia Units in these parts called “Welcome to the Front“.  It addresses several finer points about organizing and running an insurgency with just a little reflection on Malheur Wildlife Refuge worked into it.  You might ought to read it several times for it all to sink in because it about as plain a version of how things need to be pulled together as you’ll ever get.  Really hasn’t changed much since the IRA days, but this updated version is worth your time while we’re still in the “capability and capacity building phase”.



“The FUSA is not at peace.

Conduct yourselves accordingly.”