Slight change in plans.  Due to the declared state of emergency because of a little bit of snow, none of you should be driving out here to Training Area North, where the county will never scrape the roads.  They don’t want to risk it either.  Tentatively, FTX is rescheduled for next weekend when we can at least see the mud.  The Dept. of Transportation does have a little current information at the TIMS section.



Something to look at when you’re not mesmerized by all that snow out your window would be the recent news (depending where you find news these days)  of a group of Finnish patriots  called the Soldiers of Odin patrolling their streets on the look-out for any groups of Islamic immigrants that might be looking to cause trouble.  This is something to take note of because just like most of Europe, the Polizei are protecting the immigrants rather than their citizens.  Sort of reminds you of here, doesn’t it?  Except there aren’t any Soldiers of Odin here, right?