Currently no scheduled  FTX or FTF for this month.  Yet.  Instead, we’re tying to schedule a Christmas dinner at one of the finer pork serving establishments in our area.  Details should be in your inbox by now.


In the meantime, here is some food for thought.


Firstly, a story from Small Wars Journal about avoidance of all those little CCTV surveillance cameras,  that are just everywhere these days, if you’re planning ahead for your downtown 4GW activities.



“This will be examined in terms of the interplay of tactics and technology,‭ ‬between surveillance‭ (‬provided by CCTV‭) ‬and its avoidance,‭ ‬or destruction,‭ ‬as these serve as a precondition to successfully committing an act of terrorism,‭ ‬from an operational and tactical perspective.

Therefore,‭ ‬one future indicator of a pending major terrorism attack is likely to be the‭ ‘‬downing‭’ ‬of local CCTV.”


There are literally hundreds of these cameras along the highway,  up and down the city streets, and watching the parking lots and not just in town.  Only a small portion are publicly accessible, and even less in real-time.  You know where they are?  You know where they all are?



Our Neighbor just a few counties over, NC Scout, wrote about the definition of true light infantry.  It’s a concept we can appreciate.  Mostly because, well, you don’t see this guy carrying 150 pounds of ruck  either, do you?





And along that same theme, ITS Tactical wrote about Patrolling Tactics, briefly, and that is the exact thing we need to practice again this coming year, until everybody tells me they’ve had enough of it.  And then we’ll do some more.






Secondly, while you’re thinking about patrolling and traveling light, remember that Intel Report outlining the continuation of gang-related activities in our area.  We get more than our share in this county.  There are two more reports to add to that pile of background material.   Both from our buds at the DEA.   The first goes over their areas of activities back home in Mexico.



areas of mexican cartel control




The second goes over their areas of activities here in our home in the U.S.A.  Makes you wonder just how many embedded DEA fellows we have around here.





Some people  who know the answer to that question in their neck of the woods are the guys at Arizona Border Recon.  They regularly update their data collection, because, well,  they’re RECON types.



AZBR intel-reports



While we’re looking at maps, there currently are a few Syrian maps worth looking at  for their raw intel.  Over at  Live UA Maps there is even this infographic detailing the Russian forces in that area.  The Russians have come a long way from just a handful of planes at Latakia.



Russian Intervention in Syria



Maybe not the entire Black Sea Fleet along with every Mig-29 they own are now in theatre, but if you’re driving an oil tanker truck towards the border with Turkey, it must surely feel that way.


MIG 29 Fulcrum



Even more detail about Russian forces, in and around Syria, can be found at South Front, a group that has a lot of detailed information that can’t be found from anywhere else.





Syria, and Syrian “refugees” have been in the news a lot here this past month.  We’re still pretty new (and naive)  on that subject.  But Europe  —  well the Europeans have had a belly full and if you do a quick search on YouTube, for example, for Pegida, you’ll quickly learn why.  Björn Höcke of the AfD in Germany, made a speech the middle of last month in Erfurt, where he said, ” …the AfD is the last peaceful chance which our country has.”   Much like the Patriot movement here is  the likely vanguard of the last peaceful chance for the government of this country to start listening to the people. 


So lastly, and the point this is all leading to is, we are in that same boat as the Europeans, we just don’t seem to know it yet.  There was  a recent story over at WRSA, suggesting the time was right for an expeditionary force of around 100 men to pull their gear together for a month’s worth of “intensive kinetic negotiations” with ISIS forces in their neighborhood.  You already have your Passport and Immunization Record in order, right?  Then all you need to do is pack a little gear for winter in the desert.  Well,  after you figure out who is going to be the in-country guide that will help you make all the arrangements to get that 600 pound crate marked “Gourmet Coffee” thru customs.  Twice.  Intact.  “Better there than here”, right?