November FTF will commence on the 22nd at 1300 at a location TBD.  Topics will be finalizing next years training schedule and presentations of the few special projects that are in the works.

October FTX was changed to a FTF on short notice by our C.O., Eric, and when we all arrived on site we found out we were all being treated to a surprise steak dinner.  Absolutely the least amount of grumbling all year.





We did discuss the table-top exercise conducted at the Fall 2015 PATCON over at Brocks at the beginning of October, and how the lessons learned from that exercise can be applied to our exercises.  There are many,  but then that’s what practice runs are for.  And that’s why they make those little notepads you’re supposed to be carrying around all the time.



3x5 rite in the rain notebook



There is, of course, much going on around the Patriot Community this time of year.  We’re not the only ones making plans for next year.  One of the most pressing is what to do about the unrestricted foreign invasion from several corners of the world.  The current estimate of 200,000 undocumented “refugees” from Syria, along with another 800,000 illegal immigrants from Central America and Mexico is only supplemented by the 1.5 million people brought in thru normal channels with H-1B temporary work visas.  This is undoubtedly too many people, too fast, and certainly sets up the Balkanization of America.  All brought to you by our buddies on The White House Task Force up in Washington.  Back in April, while you were busy with taxes, they published “Strengthening Communities by Welcoming All Residents”.  You probably didn’t get your copy, so there’s one over in Guides and Manuals section on the sidebar.  Essentially, The Powers That Be have concluded that there is a better return on investment when all the (illegal/undocumented) immigrants are brought in and displace the current residents like me and you.  The TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement) is one part of that plan and CISA (Cyber Information Sharing Act) is the other.  Together, this will severely limit information sharing via the internet within the Patriot Community and quite likely result in the many common sites we now rely on shut down by the DHS/FBI.  If only we had a private e-mail server managed by Platt River, we would be immune from prosecution as the case seems to be for Hillary Clinton, former SecState.





So make the time to visit Radio Free Redoubt  and then we’ll figure out if we can do something similar to the Cryptoparty of The Order of The White Rose out in Renton, Washington on 5DEC.  TOWR also has a  series of articles, of particular interest is Tradecraft for Patriots

And for some very insightful words on Report Formats for Recon Patrols, NCScout over at Brushbeater’s website has been  writing a lot lately on subjects we can really use.


Worth reading now while you still can.