October FTX will commence at 18:00 on the 23rd at Training Area North.  We will be working on Small Unit Tactics for Rural Ops.  Then practice Recon Ops for some sand table work.  And of course, Radio Communications and  Hand Signals. Bring your gear.


There is a story over at Bush Beaters on how to make a good quarter wave ground-plane antenna, suitable for deploying up here at Test Area North.  Pretty sure we already got all the parts sitting in a junk box around here somewhere. Will make a good weekend project.

Might need to work on how to make a fire to keep warm with, since we are expecting our first frosts this month.



Winter Camp Fire


Was hoping to have pieced together the AAR for Patcon 8, but will have to wait till after FTX, just so we don’t leave anything out.  Already planning for Spring 2016 Patcon next May.





One big thing this past month is from our buddies up at DHS  warning of  a risk for U.S. persons travelling to fight ISIS.”  Not that there isn’t already  Dept of State issued travel warnings to just about every other spot in the Middle East.


So much for bluffing your way thru Zvartnots International Airport  in Yerevan, Armenia, with a few  really poor Russian phrases.  Then sneaking thru 400 miles of southeastern Turkey towards Sari Kani, just inside Syria, and the 712 Highway to Kobani, picking up your forwarded gear along the way.

But if you do get stuck and pinned down in that frequently blowed up gas station outside Tell Abiad remember, the emergency phone number for the U.S. Embassy in Amman Jordan is  +962 (6) 590-6500.  The Czech Republic Embassy in Damascus is handling all consular services for U.S. citizens still in Syria.