The Appalachian Redoubt is our backyard, and there are many fellow Militia groups within the region.  We have made contact with less than half and listed only a few as “Neighbors”.   There are just a few groups that currently are working on their outreach programs, in an effort to link up with the other groups and attract new members at the same time.  Many of them have a good training program and a cadre of capable members.  Between reading this story at Western Rifle Shooters and this one from Oath Keepers, you get a little look into how good some of this training can get.







This maybe reflects a change in the  Oath Keepers relationship with militias, or the militias’ relationship with the Oath Keepers.  Maybe both.  But most of those Militiamen in this picture, taken in front of the Oath Keepers helicopter, were at the Oath Keepers Summit at  Gilbert Creek, WV,  at the end of last month.  The relationship might have just been embryonic then, and still tenuous.  This is quite a remarkable development and shows perseverance does produce results.  Professionalism  can oftentimes open doors like nothing else can.