Fire Team Delta Goes Squirrel Hunting

Fire Team Delta Goes Squirrel Hunting


Traditionally, everyone goes on holiday during August. Shops and offices close.  People quit answering the phones.  Things in general slow down and everyone gets a little break.  But that was back then, and this is now.  Nobody gets a break.  Nothing slows down.  No rest for the wicked, nor the pure.  There is a difference between not having much patience for meaningless events that are purposeful distractions and just not having the luxury of wasting precious time on anything that isn’t producing better skills and improving our positions.  Urgency isn’t the right word, but it’s close enough.


We’ve existed as a group for nearly ten years now, under one banner or another till we raised our own banner, and we’re doing okay.  The next three FTX’s we will be focusing on Rural Ops, even though all of you know that means more Land-Nav and Field Camp Skills mixed with a little Patrolling and Recon work.  (insert groans here).   Spot Reports and COMMs exercises get a little boring when all of you are so proficient.  But after all, that’s the whole point, isn’t it?


Defensive Training Group has an article made just to order to remind everybody why we do the basics over and over.



“The basics must be dealt with prior to going a bit more ‘high speed’, because it’s literally the foundation upon which your team will learn and perform.  A solid foundation helps ensure solid performance when it counts.”



When you see the logic behind this, you you’ll know why officers in the Marine Corps  still study a one hundred year old story called “The Defense of Duffer’s Drift”.  The control of a  strategic river crossing is the scenario, and Small Unit Tactics and Techniques are developed in the course of this 80 page book  in the style of “Groundhog Day”.  The day’s events are reviewed and improved upon, day after day, and eventually go thru a lot of bad decisions until arriving at a plan that succeeds.  PDF here.  Narrated by a British officer during the Boer Wars around 1900, it could just as easily be today in Afghanistan, or Somalia, or Syria, or North Carolina.  The book is a bit drawn out to demonstrate several points of strategy and tactics.  We would just use the sand table, kick around some “what-ifs” and probably come up with the same solutions.  But it all comes down in the end to having these basic skills down pat so when we are faced with a challenging situation, it can be broke down into familiar looking chunks and handled successfully.





What we really, really, really, don’t ever want to do is make a long chain of bad decisions like those three men down towards Charlotte.  Five counties worth of Police Officers and Sheriffs, along with the FBI and DHS Agents finally reeled in these guys after infiltrating and grooming them for six months, and all they really did is talk about doing things.  They have been arrested and charged with “conspiring to commit” because they talked about their fear of martial law and how the government was acting unconstitutionally in many areas even though they didn’t really have a coherent plan.  This is covered pretty well over at Radio Free Redoubt.


If you want a good short read about government over reach, here is the link to the original posting of “The Pig Trap“, from April of last year.  The little story leading up to the telling of The Pig Trap story is equally worthy and maybe even sound familiar.  And when the FBI informants come around again to ask if you want to learn about making your own explosives from scratch, just…. say…… “NO!”


So gather up your gear and get ready for three FTXs this fall.  We have some Group Gear that is available as needed.  And yes, we’re on live, rain or shine.  You think Fate will call upon you at a time of your choosing?


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