August FTF will begin at 1400 on the 16th.  We’re making good progress with Land-Nav and Comm equipment.  And this month we’re going to work with  on that some more.   We’ll need both those skills (and more) for exercises in Scout Operations and SPOT Reports next month.    Hope to see a few completed IFAKs during September FTX.





Oathkeepers has just notified us, via YouTube, that they have an Appalachian Regional Meeting on the schedule for the last weekend in August ,  the 28th thru 30th.  The event is to be held somewhere in West Virginia territory.  More details as arrangements get finalized.  One of the big topics for discussion will be how to set up your Community Preparedness Team.  They have a lot of background articles and a few videos on their site.  All good discussions without hype or buzzwords.  Go look now.






Upcoming 88 Tactical SERE Class —  11November.  Tekamah, NE.


Traditional SERE is categorized as Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape.   However,  88 Tactical classifies their courses as Survive, Endure, Respond, Excel to better prepare those citizens who seek a survival foundation to build upon.



Civilian SERE Level 1 Objectives:
• Principles of evasion
• Camouflage techniques
• Communication protocols
• Land navigation
• Bushcraft
• Foraging
• Firemaking
• Intro to bunker survival
• Improvised shelters
• Rural water purification
• Off-grid medical care
• Weapon handling skills
• Live-fire drills

Two days, $600.  And yes, there is a Level 2 Class





Over in Tennessee, there is an ammunition factory set up and operated by disabled vets.  Vet-Made Ammunition makes reasonably priced ammo in your favorite calibers.  Tested recently by our friends at BreachBangClear, who gave it a pretty good review here.



Civilian Close Combat

 And Max Velocity, up in West Virginia, is starting his new Civilian Close Combat Course starting this month, and once every month thru December.   A two-day weekend course aimed at home defense training with  those people who are most likely to be with you in that situation.  The $400 course will run you thru 100 rounds for your pistol and 1000 rounds for your rifle.  And home defense is a good way to put your square range training to practical use.



Homework for the Month:

A reference book for us all.  Should be another one on the “Required Reading” list.  (and you thought you had the summer off!)



ISBN  9780967175928

ISBN 9780967175928