June FTF will be in the park on the 28th beginning 14:00.  Subjects to be covered are Land-Nav and Mapping, Hand Signals,  Radio Communications and  IFAk’s/First Aid.  If there is some subject you’d like to give a short lecture on, we can try to work it in.


Our Neighbor NC3B had their recent meeting this past week.  They’re working on a long list of skill sets and training, too.  We’ve met with them a few times and they seem to have a pretty good program underway.  We’re here to help when we can. 




This is the week of the Centennial celebration of the Boy Scouts of America Order of the Arrow.  One hundred years of tradition is a pretty strong thing.  The Order of the Arrow as an honor society is clearly one of those great traditions.  The Boy Scouts as an organization have taken some pretty hard hits in the past couple of years, and maybe rightly so, as they are drifting away from their traditions under pressure from social changes.  Another case of people from outside the community dictating new rules.  The Girl Scouts are getting it too.  If someone wants to abandon 100 years of tradition in favor of making  something completely different, yet still try to leverage the historic value of the organization based on the old traditions, then they need to go start up their own and call it something else.   Once you start putting Chevy parts into that old Ford truck, you’re just not “It” any more.  The Order of the Arrow is all that’s left and I hope they will hold true to those traditions for another hundred years.  My two-cents.





ITS Tactical recently did a story comparing various brands of freeze-dried foods and MRE’s.  Lots of pictures and taste-testing.  Something worthwhile when you don’t have to eat it if you don’t like it.  On your eighth day out in the field and on the run, you might wish you’d done your homework on good things to eat.  You really shouldn’t plan on eating your fill of the local bugs and berries because that saves weight and time.





A second story from ITS Tactical is on the two-day long-range shooting class from US Optics Academy in Apple Valley, California.  This course is being run by Tyler Hughes, a trained Marine Scout Sniper.  Looks like 200 yards  in the photo and those targets are people sized.  The shot grouping is top-notch for someone equipped with an average rifle and good ammo.  Most of those holes in the 5-shot groups touch/overlap.  Pretty good shooting.  The two-day course runs $900 and has shooting exercises from 100 yards out to 1000 yards.  If you already have a $6000 rifle/scope combination and are  loading your own ammo, you’re likely to have a great time there.



And yes, making that spine/crotch shot at 600 yards is a viable strategy.





Advanced Scout/Tracker class is offered  in September by Nature Reliance School near Lexington, KY.  The $150 three-day class  goes over using camouflage and stealth to move unseen across the terrain while trying to follow someone else doing the same.   Very useful for things other than just deer hunting.




 Randalls School of Survival has a similar one-day class in October.  This $100 one-day “Intro to Human Tracking” class is driven more at search and rescue operations is held at the Randall training site in Gallant, AL.



Over at the Personal Security Institute, Grant Cunningham is teaching that section of Defensive Handgun called “Shoot – Don’t Shoot”.  Unlike in those video games you play, you just can’t go around blasting everything in sight.  See the definition for recklessness.  This is a skill not usually taught in a shooting class but it’s just as important to know when not to do that Mozambique Drill.  Maybe even more important for your buddies to know.  During hunting season, we wear that cheap orange vest so our buddies don’t shoot us in the face with a shotgun.  Not a very practical fashion accessory for your patrol uniform.





And from Recoil Magazine, a short story on Kalashnikov USAThey will be making them in  Florida soon.










And just in case those new AK’s made in Florida aren’t just as good as those old ones made in the factory back in Tula,   M+M, Inc. is starting to roll out their model M10XWhen you throw an AK and an AR into the chipper and wave the magic wand over the big pile of plastic and metal chips, you’d get something like this.  Romanian reliability mixed with American know-how in Colorado.  You do like making bigger holes, don’t you?