The Oathkeepers are in the Galice Mining District of Josephine County, Oregon, in an ongoing operation and are requesting volunteers for various duties for what may become a long-term operation (years). 



In particular, we need:

HAM radio operators, medical personnel, tactical teams, do it yourself guys, logistics, IT people, patrol and security crews.


We run teams around the clock so we need hundreds of volunteers. It’s time to step up and serve your beliefs. You will learn skills as well that you can take back to your own community.


Why do we need help? It is critical that we protect the mine, and the cabin and equipment at the mine, because of the well documented history of BLM burning down cabins and confiscating property at whim, without due process. We have spoken to multiple miners and even retired BLM officers who have relayed past examples of BLM setting fire to cabins, including occupied cabins (with residents having to scramble out of a burning cabin to avoid being killed). The miners do not trust the BLM for good reason and they fear that once there are not enough security volunteers BLM will drop the hammer on them Burning their cabin and stealing their equipment which is common (which is then held for years, while the miners try to get it back – that is BLM’s standard M.O.). That is why they asked for help in the first place, and that need has not gone away.

It is critical that we support and protect patriotic Americans who are standing up for themselves and their rights. The miners are now making a brave stand against the pattern of BLM abuse that they have suffered for years. We need to stand with them, and you need to stand with them. Please volunteer to help them.


Traveling 2500 miles to set up camp and volunteer for a few weeks might not be an option for a lot of you.  Sending donations could help fund somebody that can go. 


This is something we need to think more about.  The possibility of some group  needing help, like these miners, is getting to be more common and this type of information is quickly spread in our on-line community.  Being prepared and equipped to go, on short notice (maybe not 2500 miles) and to be able to offer a few useable bodies for whatever role is needed, is a lofty yet noble goal for any militia group.  This is pretty much Minutemen type work.  How does this scenario fit into our plans?  


Along different lines, a little peek into the future comes from Tyler over at Zero Hedge.  Once again we find the economic numbers set out for general consumption are being manipulated to “enhance your economic outlook”.  Economic collapse is just one of the doorways to so many other unpleasant events leading to that time when Training Phase is over and the actual doing begins.  It will be here sooner that anyone wants.