May FTF will be held at Training Area West at 1300 on the 17th.  There will be an AAR from the Spring PATCON of the week before.  Should have a presentation on reports from NPFD1 and CPX Black Swan.  Both exercises yielded useful results.  A lot of people contributed.  A lot of INTEL was gathered.  One of the most useful items I learned was about the VOCAP HF Propagation tools available that makes for quick “best useable frequency” predictions between two stations.  Lessons learned this time out to be applied to the next field day exercise.  Getting a better antenna might be a good start.


In addition to RECON practices this summer, we need to get back onto the subject of IFAKS and basic field medical practice.  Doc Grouch was kind enough to supply the packing list for the M5 medic kit.



And any questions about selecting tourniquets is addressed in the NEDU Technical Report 07-07 where they compared 13 different styles of tourniquets under various conditions and on different body parts along with user feedback. 


Finally, a little pep talk from J. C. Dodge up at Mason Dixon Tactical on Leadership, Motivation and Support.  It’s a short read.  Something to keep in mind as we go thru this summer.