Patriot’s Day has been all about remembering the Battle of Lexington and Concord and “The Shot Heard Around the World”.  It’s not remembered as “Tyrants Day” for a reason.


Free From Tyrants


This year, we have a schedule of events on a larger scale than ever before for all of you Militia and Minutemen.  There is National Patriot’s Field Day 2015 and a subset called CPX Black Swan.  Participation across the states is estimated to be in the thousands and there may be that many more participating on the local level only.  We will be working out the bugs as we go along in this exercise with an eye towards making this easier next time.  There will be a next time.




Along these lines, I am reminded of a story from a year ago promoting the view from the gun control folks, that in today’s time period, an armed citizenry has no hope of wresting control of the country from a tyrannical government.  Seems the liberals of the gun control lobby have yet to meet any tyrannical governments that they didn’t like.  It would really be bad for them on the day they do if there were no “well-regulated militias” willing to save their little butts from the fire.

And some of us are spread out into other areas this Patriot’s Day.  Keep in mind the Oath Keepers and volunteers out at the Josephine County, Oregon gold mines.  Donate or volunteer on their site set up just for this event.


Flight of  The Wookies