March FTX will commence at 1700 on the 27th at Training Area North.  We will be doing a little scenario overnight and need to get a head start before last light, so get on the field early.  Saturday morning we’ll hold the AAR and then  repeat the exercise Saturday night so you can see the difference. Prior to this exercise, you should go over FM 3-55.93 Long Range Surveillance Unit Operations (over on the side-bar).  Also a recent post at SOCO will help get your minds in gear:  Beginning Reconnaissance Operations.

And, if you have a copy of this little book, it could be handy too.


Reconnaissance Handbook

Reconnaissance Handbook

A sudden spike in ammo prices is once again upon us.  The mere rumor that future sales of XM855 to the little people will be banned  has made the price of all .223/5.56 ammo nearly double in some places in just a few weeks.  Supply is getting drawn down also as everyone goes into that buying cycle all over again.  Just keep in mind that once again, the government is yanking you around because they can, and they’ve been doing that for years.  It distracts you from thinking about how weak the government  is perceived around the world.  And you might start getting that itch because you’re voting more but enjoying it less.  There is no justification for banning ammo that has had an exemption for several decades.  There aren’t any L.E.O. types that are getting shot at with this type of ammo in a $1000 AR style pistol.  When there aren’t any good reasons, then what you have left are only the bad reasons.  To make things better though, the BATFE did invite everyone to send in their comments.  Funny how they forgot to tell you that in January, they published their new regulations removing the exemption for XM855 thereby banning it.  You are now all felons in possession of banned  ammunition.   Yes, this violates the Administrative Procedures Act and goes around Congress.  How long have we been in a WROL situation?  “But your opinion does matter.”  Just not to them.

You can get your copy from the ATF’s website here.


Lastly, something that makes me feel good about being just a hayseed out in the sticks is this Army report about fighting in mega-cities.   Our little town of 55,000 is ten miles end to end with way too many little side roads and wooded areas to make sealing it off a practical endeavor, but somebody has probably already  looked into it.  Even at a ratio of one soldier for every 10 civilians it would just not be practical.  Or sustainable.   And, the Army guys know that their worse nightmare is Urban Ops.  It’s a walk in the park for them to load up all their fun toys and drive out into the country and settle in for a spell.  They’ve been doing that for the past century and they’ve wrote several good books based on their successes.  But fighting in cities is all just crap waiting to happen.  In their study they explain  how big cities, with populations in the  millions, can just suck up an entire army.  Mexico City today has 21 million people in 600 square miles.  Istanbul is a city of  14 million.  Tehran 12 million.  Bagdad has only 5.5 million packed into 150 square miles.  And yes, there are planning scenarios for combat operations in those cities.  Not a popular option these days to  bomb major cities into rubble like back in WWII.   Imagine the projected losses from kicking in just one million doors.  The locals will know you’re coming to their neighborhood.  How many UAV’s would that take?  Where would your close air support be staged?  Or artillery, or field hospitals, or resupply depots?  Plus it would be a small war itself to protect those assets on the ground .  If only the Army could develop something like robots…. yeah, robots that can haul stuff around in urban settings and do some of the door kicking.  Thousands of them.  Just like in a movie or a video game.  Now that would be a real game changer.  Good thing nobody will have XM855 then when that happens.  And  that’s why we need good, common-sense gun control laws.


Pet Man Robot

Army Pack Mule Robot

Second Squad

Population Control


Downtown Overwatch