February FTX will commence at 17:00 on 20 FEB at Training Area North.  We will continue Land-Nav training with some map work and also some field craft training. Weather is projected to be cold and dry, but tolerable.  Prior to the 20th, a list of recommended gear will be sent out in email.  We do have some Team Gear that we will break out for this exercise.  Review the Land-Nav pdf from ESEE in preparation for this exercise.


The January FTX faithfully, by tradition, changed as soon as it began. The weather projected by the Aerographers was supposed to be like this:

Jan FTX Camp Not


Instead, the weather warmed up a few degrees and we ended up with something more like this:


swamp training 14


But we’re about to finalize the training schedule for the rest of the year along with a list of team gear for acquisition.  One of those items is the MVT Shield made by Max.  It’s a two-man thermal tarp that would prove invaluable when operating in areas covered by FLIR equipped drone surveillance, for example.


One area we need to invest more time with is emergency medicine.  And to that end, a website with detailed information is Hogwarts.  This month they have some real goodies and if you like blood and guts, then this is the site for you.



When your leg gets to looking like this after “your little accident”, and you’re starting to think, “Wow, that really hurts.  I should get someone to look at that soon.” maybe you’ll start to remember that good article at Hogwarts on this very thing.  Might not be able to fix this yourself, and the little bit of Lidocaine I carry won’t be much help.  Along this vein (ha ha) Rockwell Tactical has a short article under the heading of “TIPS” that talks about Massive Bleeding.  More good reading on blood and guts.  There is always the option to treat you like a horse.  You just never know what excitement the day will hold when civility fails.  Take a peek at DTG.