Happy New Year.  January FTX will commence at 1700 on the 23rd and run thru noonish on the 25th up at Training Area North.  Maybe we’ll have snow, maybe not.  Will do my best with the weatherman to make it good and cold.  Nothing like wet and cold to make you appreciate your bushcraft skills that will hopefully keep you from dying over the weekend. 


This is the first of the year FTX and  we will be filling out our schedule for the rest of the year.  We will review Land-Nav for the umpteenth time so bring your compass.  We may have some new maps. 

Silva Ranger CL

Will also start with some Patrol work and squad movements to keep everybody warmed up.  And if you all remember from NRA Pistol class, that stack of paper plates won’t be for enhancing your dining experience. 

Whats wrong with your sight picture

There will be a laptop on hand for programming radios.  Haven’t looked all month but the list might have changed.    If there is a new subject you’d like to give a short lecture on, we’ll squeeze that in too.  There is a good chance we’ll have guests dropping in for a little while over the weekend, so bring something interesting for show and tell. 

German Snow Poncho

Also got a middling sized box of German issue snow pattern camo ponchos so if nothing else, come on out for the new group photo.