Winter Camp Fire

2014 has been a good year for us.  We went to a mostly FTX schedule, thereby covering a lot more basic skills than usual.  2015 hopefully will be even better.  While working on my speech on “Why We Join Militias” for the Spring 2015 PATCON, this article from Forward Observer came out today and makes my point.


In a conflict where the human terrain plays a factor, as with most low intensity conflicts, security elements or militias may have to be more than riflemen.  Although they may fight in wars, the militia’s mission is to protect the populous and community.  It would, therefore, behoove them to build a strong relationship with the populace, so the populace will offer them unbridled support.  Sometimes, they’re going to have to offer their knowledge to the populace and fix things and make life better for the populace.  In one sentence: the more you do for the community, the more they will do for you and the more they will do to keep you aroundWhat can you do for your community to make them want to keep you around?  Answer that question and then start winning some Hearts & Minds.  Because if you don’t win their Hearts & Minds, then the State will turn them against you (though coercion or benefits, not that it matters), and you will lose.


Go read the rest and get ready for next year. 



We do Land-Nav pretty regularly and most of you have the hang of it by now.  But how opportune!  Both Max and DanMorgan have short articles on Land-Nav this month,  so go look at them to see if there is something we’ve missed.



Doc Grouch wrote over at WRSA of the developing “Hogwarts School of Grid-Down Medicine and Wizardry” coming soon.  This isn’t TCCC but medical training is one of those things we need to practice more often so this will be a welcome addition.


And something else we don’t do enough of is PT.  This will additionally get worked into our training cycle in 2015.  For a preview, you can look at the program Max has just developed, possibly because of all the out of shape guys in those other units around us complaining about his well-defined Rifleman Training Standards that he put up last month.  Wish we could count on the possibility that quickly moving two miles would let us shake off any pursuers, but it’s probably more like that story about outrunning the bear.  You just have to be faster than that last guy at the back of the line.



Finally, Georgia Force on Force is holding their Winter Muster  at Red Top Mountain State Park the weekend of  14 FEB.  In our neck of the woods we will be having the same winter storm we had last Valentine’s Day according to those same weathermen that failed to predict it correctly back then.  Whether we get out in it and play in it  we’ll have to see when the time comes. 

Snowed last night


But we will get our preliminary winter outing underway before that.

January FTX is scheduled for  25th and 26th.  Dress up in green and lets turn blue.