Winter Patrol Gear

Great minds think alike.  We will be doing WinterOPS  for the first time this January and Georgia Force on Force will be conducting their WinterOPS  in February.


“Training in small unit Communications, land navigation, and patrol methods. Event will culminate in an ftx that will utilize all of the skills covered in the instruction.”

You can get simple snow pattern, uninsulated coverall suits from Cabelas for around $100.  Not quite as fancy as those German issue suits, but good enough for us country bumpkins.


 Last year, in February and March, we had our big snow storms so this should be a great test of your equipment.  Remember?  Roads impassable and 300,000 people out of power for several days.  Expect more of  the same this year.

Snowstorm Valentines B


Wade Ave March 2014 SnowStorm B