There currently isn’t a scheduled FTX for November.  These next two months you should make time to enjoy the holidays and not stress too much over the elections or any of the other dozen crisis situations currently being promoted by the government.  Spending time with family and friends during the holiday season, even bad times with family and friends, gives you that clearer mindset about what is worth fighting for.  Talk nice to people.  Go to church.  Remember what everyone looks like.  Yes, some of them will wonder what you’re up to, and it might even scare others.   Later on, when it becomes impossible for you to stay around, there is the memory of this time to look back on.   The next scheduled FTX is in January.  Time and date to be determined later.


Way back when, the 1ST DIV, NCRC, recommended/required everyone to have some common training from, of all places, FEMA.  These classes are available for free from FEMA’s National Incident Management System, Emergency Management Institute, and go over the  Incident Command System Resources.  Start here:  FEMA NIMS

The classes you want are IS-100 b; IS-200 b; and IS-700 thru IS-800 b.

 EMI_logo And if you feel the urge to ask how it will benefit you to know how FEMA will react in times of emergencies, in our neck of the woods, whatever the reason is and whenever that times comes, then you might just as easily ask why do I put out the game trail cameras a month before deer season starts.  You need to know this stuff, before an emergency hits, and learning it from these guys is the way to go because they train everybody else.   Need proof?  Check with ARES, Amateur Radio Emergency Service, Alamance Chapter.


Alamance County ARES

Alamance County ARES

The Alamance County Emergency Net is on the 146.67 MHz repeater, weekly every Tuesdays at 8 p.m.  That channel, along with SKYWARN,  should already be in your radio.