October FTF will commence at 1300 on the 26th back at the river park for the last scheduled meeting this year. Items to be discussed are AAR NCPATCON, AAR September FTX, and next years schedule. If you have some ideas for training next year, or want to do more of some of those things we did this year, this would be your chance to make that recommendation. Tentatively, the 2015 Training schedule will have one FTX each month starting in January. If you had a good time freezing your little behinds at last November FTX, you’ll really enjoy training in January. Training, as always, will include exercises in Land-NAV, Field First-Aid, Camp Crafts, and Team Movements. Something new for this year will be individual Squad FTF or FTX exercises separate from the regular Unit FTX. This should help work out some of the details at the Squad level that need more work than time permits at the Unit Training level. Contact your Squad Leader for that schedule of events, soon as it gets finalized.


AAR for NCPATCON October 2014 –

A little fewer people in attendance this fall than back in the spring. A few first-timers. Had an extensive lecture on the Ebola virus. Also an extensive round table discussion of topics for next PATCON and some of that may involve us. Jim Hicks was there with his series of post-SHTF books called “Seasons of War”. And so many really great items were raffled off. Brock and Dixie are always such good hosts and after six of them, I can’t imagine holding the NCPATCON anywhere else. Next NCPATCON is 13 – 18 MAY 2015.