September FTX will commence at noon on the 20th up at Training Area North.  This is primarily the annual Unit Readiness Assessment.  Bring your gear.  Other topics will be the 2015 training schedule and the NC PATCON in October.  Brock has had to move the sign-up date  to 6SEPT with payment NLT 18SEPT.  Details here.  We need to participate and contribute a little again this time.  Lots of work to host 100+ guests for the weekend.

One item of gear that you should all have is the Universal Bug-Out Bag.  Your “GO BAG”.   Ol’ Remus recently wrote a bit about this at The Woodpile Report

“No, he means the more interesting bugout bag. The real bugout bag. The one you have for bugging out the back door when the howling mob is crashing through the front door. This bugout bag lives within a universe of stories familiar to all who nurse a doomsday dialogue, you know, the one with the “I told you so” motif wrapped around a Robinson Crusoe adventure, except with deciduous trees and centerfire cartridges. The story where Ye Olde Rule of Games applies: this game is no game. Background music by Wagner.”

“This is the bag we lavish our attention on. It’s an alpha male thing, a behind-enemy-lines thing, a new moon and Marine crawl thing. Everything’s camouflaged or stainless steel or mindful of infrared. The Selous Scouts would have killed for our kit, the CIA would rewrite their manuals if they only knew. This is the bugout bag we’re talking about here. Skivvies and socks were special order. Even the straps have straps. The carabiners are in matte no-glare, maybe even Woodland. We have a picture of it with the contents laid out, inventory style. The picture is a month old and therefore out of date. Aside: no photo of a bugout bag has ever been published without this caveat. Late at night we wonder if there’s room for a thermos-size cold fusion generator. If we had a thermos-size cold fusion generator. That bag.”

A quick story on this new “Wraith” AR style rifle by  HPF,  made extensively with carbon fiber at Kit-Up.  Cuts over a pound of the normal unadorned AR, and that’s about the weight of an extra magazine.



Also from Kit-Up,  a former NCTC Cartographer has started a little mapping enterprise called Hunterra MappingMakes custom maps combining terrain map data with some aerial photography.  A bit pricey, but if you need a durable, waterproof map with lots of details, this would be it.


Added a link on the side-bar for American Defense Manufacturing.  Up in New Berlin, Wisconsin.   They make some useful parts for your AR that you can’t get anywhere else.

ADM Logo

And for your Post-SHTF shopping spree, Grey Ghost Gear now makes a simple plate carrier for those quick in-and-out trips.  Just the basics. Available in your currently favorite colours including Kryptek. Only $115. Reviewed by those little guys at Breach Bang Clear.



And don’t forget to read at INFORMOPS the how-to on fixing some of those big leaking holes in your browser.  And especially don’t forget about Thursday, 11SEPT.