August FTX will commence at 1400 on 17 AUG at the park.  Topics to include Local Maps and LAND-NAV (yet again) and preparing for the annual Unit Readiness Assessment next month.


A major event in recent news, not covered by major news services, was the killing of General Harry Greene by an Afghan insurgent inside  the military academy in Kabul.  The short and quick version of the story is here:



GEN Harry Greene

The longer version is here:


Currently, price and availability of both ammo and guns are returning to a pretty good level.  Historically, in the weeks immediately following the past three elections, price and availability of both ammo and guns have gone off the charts.  Just a reminder that the next few months would be a very good time to make that investment to replenish your supply of both. Bud’s Gun Shop is a good place to check online pricing.  A quick check for good 9MM ammo can be seen here:

IMI 9mm124 fmj

And to carry a good supply of ammo and other gear, there is a good quality bag made by 5.11 that makes that task easy.  Reviewed by our buddies at BreachBangClear.



Finally, added a link to another site, Information Operations, over on the sidebar.  First thing you should do is read “Things to do Today“.  There you can find the best  detailed guides for doing everything you can to “improve your online experience”.  There have been several foreign government offices falling back on older technologies to thwart the efforts of unfriendly countries (like the U.S.) exploiting their electronic communications.  Looks like the forgotten job of message runner is about to make a comeback.

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