July FTX will commence on Sunday the 20th, at 1400.  Topics to discuss are mapping, IFAKs, and the Fall 2014 schedule.  Should be an email to everybody before the 16th with more details.  If you have a topic you’d like to bring up for discussion, send an email and we’ll try to work that in. 

There are currently four militias deployed in Texas along the southern border and three in Arizona.  Chris Davis is heading up the units in Texas near Laredo.  In Arizona, Jim Gilcrest is bringing out the Minutemen Project, Operation Normandy.  Current projections from DHS says they are expecting a total of 90,000 U. A. C.s by end of summer.  The Border Patrol is now calling them “Migrants”.  Their own report is here.  You don’t need an Ivy League degree to tell this situation is out of control.



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