Weatherproof Repeater

Didn’t we just do something with one-gallon paint cans at the last PATCON?  As always, you find the most interesting things when you’re looking for something else.   This is referred to as a simplex-repeater but after watching the video several times, it looks like it would be more useful as a message box.  It contains a cheap expendable hand-held, but what makes it work is the $90 repeater unit.   And of course the paint can.


 Saved the manual over on the sidebar.  Or go get your own:


This would be very handy if you were with the auxiliary and you wanted to make it easy for units passing thru or operating within your area to have a place to get information on where the current location of the cache is and when it is checked and refilled.  Or where there is a protected place to set up temporary camp, near good water,  while passing thru.  Or information on current activity and developments in the area.  Or where the abandoned car is that you need to put the red rag on the antenna if you need medical help.  All encrypted of course.  800+ seconds of message space.  Otherwise just parrots back whatever you say to it.  Day or night.  Rain or shine.  Unattended.  And concealed.  Could be useful.  Maybe you can think of some other uses.